Must Know Headlines 2.8.2011


The Brotherhood Amongst Us: How Obama Empowered Islamists
Not Only In The Muslim World, But In America

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: In Their Own Words

Top Muslim Brotherhood Member Thanks Khamenei –
Hopes For Government Like Iran & Brave President Like Ahmadinejad

Muslim Brotherhood Awakens Terrorist Wing:
Look What Obama’s Support For Islamist Group Is Doing 

Pro-Egypt Protester: Tea Party, More Dangerous
Than Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Will Destroy the World’

Tea Party Patriots

Code Pink Dupes Saved From Cairo Chaos By Shell Oil Company 

Liar Clinton: Obama Administration Has Done
More For Israel Security Than Any Other U.S. Administration

What The Feds Can Learn From Egyptian Internet Control 

Buffalo, New York: Moderate Muslim Who Beheaded His Wife
 Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder

Barack Hussein Obama

Russia Warns Obama On Missile Plan, Balks On START

Obama’s Anti-Loophole Call Gets Clean-Energy Exception

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties 

Obama Elevates Islamic Vile Propaganda Network, Al Jazeera 

Obama Reaches Out With Speech, Not Deeds 

Obama: Corporate Profits Must Be ‘Shared With Workers’  

Democrat-Activist Media

Hysterical! Chris Matthews:
‘Palin’s Talking To People Who Don’t Read Newspapers
Or Watch Serious TV Shows Like Mine’

AOL-Huffpo Merger Gives Liberal Media A Huge, New Platform 

CBS: Aaron Sorkin Bashes Palin For ‘Glamorization Of Dumbness,’
Claims ‘She Needs A Therapist’

HBO Serves Up A Textbook Case Of Documentary Bias
Masquerading As An Honest Assessment Of A
Transformative President

Socialist, Commie Bastards

Howard Dean (D):
 It‘s Government’s Job To Redistribute (YOUR) Wealth

Will Dems Put Unions Ahead Of Air Safety? 

Obama: Corporate Profits Must Be ‘Shared With Workers’  

Commie Michael Moore Alleges ‘Hollywood Accounting Tricks’
Shorted Him Millions in Documentary Deal

Government Worker Who Smeared
Joe The Plumber Gets New Government Job


Side Effects: Children Face Reduced
Access To Coverage Under Obamacare

White House Says It Will Implement ObamaCare Despite
 Judge’s Declaration That His Ruling Against It
 Is ‘Equivalent Of Injunction’

Planned Underage Prostitution

Planned Parenthood
Willing To Aid Underage Prostitutes For The Sixth Time

New Video Has New York Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers 


Taxpayer Funded Abortions For All!  Democrat Senators
Promise To Block ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act ‘

Islamist Rebel Says He Ordered Russian Bombing 


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