Must Know Headlines 2.12.2011


Obamacare Waivers Mount:
Why Does Anybody Need A Waiver To A
Law That’s Been Ruled Unconstitutional?

Pigford Press Conference Resources: BFAA President Advises
Non-Farmers On How To Collect Pigford Money

Postal Workers Buy Porn, Plane Tickets
While USPS Drowns In Debt

CPAC’s ‘Muslims For America’ Supports
Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Groups

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama’s Parting Gift To Bagdad Bob:
Pictures Of . . . Barack Obama . . .

High-Speed Rail: Obama’s Gift That Nobody Wants

America’s Amateur Hour

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Use Egyptian Uprising As Vehicle To Boost Faltering Obama

Foreign Unrest Raises Energy Worries, But Media Put Down Coal

On Today: NBC’s Vieira Hits Tim Pawlenty
For Daring To Call Obama A Fiscal Chicken

Hysterical! Chris Matthews On Egypt And Mubarak:
‘It Took Obama To Have This Happen’


‘We Are Living In The Midst Of The Greatest Human Genocide
In The History Of Humanity,’
Rep. Franks Says Of Legalized Abortion

House Republicans Unveil New Bill To
Ban Resurrection Of Fairness Doctrine

The Time for Spending Cuts Is Now

House Committee OKs Bill To
Remove Abortion Funding From Obamacare


SCARY: CIA Director Admits Getting
His Intel From ‘Media Broadcasts’

ObamaCare And Black Genocide

New York Democrat Ed Towns To
Hold Fundraiser At Lady Gaga Concert

California Wants Lesbians As Mandatory ‘Role’ Models

Labor Unions (Democrats)

Labor And Left-Wing Groups Meet In
Washington To Capitalize On Egyptian Uprising

What Taxpayer Funded Union Bosses Think Of Us



US, Israel Will Soon Exit Middle East: Ahmadinejad

Mubarak Departs:
The Fate Of The Middle East Hangs In The Balance

ILLEGAL Immigration

Going On Offense: AZ Governor
Countersuing Federal Government Over Immigration

Donations For Defending Arizona Law Near $3.7 Million