Must Know Headlines 2.14.2011


Giving Union Members A Choice: How To Get Union Dues Refunds

 Jihadi Who Helped Train 7/7 Bomber Freed By US After Just Five Years

Robert Spencer’s (Jihad Watch) Latest Death Threat:
“I Will Slaughter You Like A HEN….” 

The Videos: The Ground Zero Mosque Event At CPAC

Gaddafi Calls On Palestinians To Revolt Against Israel,
 For Muslims To Unite Against “White” World

Shame Of Britain’s Muslim Schools: Secret Filming Shows Pupils
Being Beaten And Taught Hindus Drink Cow Piss’ And So Much More

Gaza Jihadist: It’s OK To Kill Jewish, Christian Civilians

Why Islamists And The Radical Left Loathe The Day Of Love

Iran Bans Valentines Day!

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Thanks American Youth For Their Vote… Cuts Pell Grants

CBO: Obamacare To Cost U.S. 800,000 Jobs Over Next Decade

Obama Unveils $3.73 Trillion Budget For 2012

Obama’s Middle East Disaster: No Strategic Vision,
Surrounded By Fools, Making It Up As He Goes

Obama Maintains Right To Tap Overseas Phone Calls

Broken Promises: How Obamacare
 Undercuts Existing Health Insurance

  Michelle Obama’s ‘Cute Parenting Tip’
— Lie and Trick Your Kids So They Are Not Fat


Egyptian Youth Ok With Muslim Brotherhood

The Risk That 2/11/11 Will End Up Like Iran’s 2/11/79

Does Genocide Await Egypt’s Copts?

Does The Muslim Brotherhood Have A Future In Egypt?

Democrat-Activist Media

Reuters Fails To Note Irony Of Dictator Gaddafi’s
Call For ‘Popular Revolution’ Against Israel

‘Watch My Blazer, Bro!’: Liberal Bloggers Attempt
To Ambush Fox News’ Jesse Waters

Funny With Numbers: AP’s Crutsinger Minimizes
Federal Spending Level, Avoids the Term ‘Tax Increase’


George Soros, Nazi Obsessive

The Hypocrisy Of Michael Moore :
Filmmaker Condemns Capitalism While Living High On The Hog