Must Know Headlines 2.26.2011


Despite Talk About Mideast Democracy,
What We See Is Brutal Violence, Rising Islamism

U.S. Concerned Libya May Use Chemical Weapons

Alleged Texas Jihad Plot Underscores
Threat Of Lone Wolf Terrorists Inside U.S.

Alveda King: ‘The Most Dangerous Plac
For An African-American Is In The Womb!’

Gingrich: If Palin Took Obama Actions,
There Would Be Calls for Impeachment

Libyan Turmoil, $100 Per Barrel Oil Fuels Republican Drilling Push

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Muslim Brotherhood Ties To Iran

  The Union Way:
 Violence, Greed, & Communism

Communists, Socialists Rallying Support Behind Madison Protests

Top 10 Labor Union Outrages

AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka Says Raising Taxes Best Way To Create Jobs

Unions Have Taken A Big Hit As Their Greed
Has Become Visible To More And More Americans

Crazy & Stupid: Union Thugs: Chris Christie is ‘Terrorist’ Who Would Shoot Workers

24 Hours of Hate… Leftists Knock Down GOP Official, Degrade Female Politicians,
Threaten “A$$hole” Blogger, Raid GOP Offices,
Hold Anti-Christie-Gaddafi Rally And Rage Against Republicans

End The Government-Union Monopoly

Awesome Video: Wisconsin Assembly Republicans
Pass Walker Bill, Democrats Erupt

Barack Hussein Obama

Does Obama Want $8 Gasoline?

Obama: Energy Prices Will Necessarily Skyrocket Under My Cap and Trade Plan

 Obama Abandons Marriage

Obama Dances While The World Burns

Democrat-Activist Media

All Broadcast Networks Skip Democratic Congressman’s
Call For Union Protesters To ‘Get a Little Bloody’

 Media Fears Democrats Will Take Hit For Any Government Shutdown

Stupid Lie Of The Week: Fox News People Are Hypocritical AFTRA Members!

Only CBS Corrects Dems False Claim
Government Shutdown Would Stop Social Security Checks


Md. Hospitals Fined For High Infection Rates

Missouri GOP Establishment Says Don’t Question Us: Tea Partier “Race Baiters”




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