Must Know Headlines 2.27.2011


ObamaCare Is Already Damaging Health Care

And So Rationing Begins: ObamaCare vs. Breast Cancer Patients

ObamaCare As A New N-Word? Give It A Break

Utah Senator Robles (Democrat) Holds Simultaneous
Utah And Mexican Government Offices

Morons In MI Protest Proposed
 Cuts To Hollywood’s Corporate Welfare

That Didn’t Take Long: Rahm Emanuel Transition
 Co-Chair Resigns Over Ethics Violations

Unions = Democrat Party

Democrat Senator’s Absence To Cost Wisconsin $165 Million

Collective Bargaining: Not A Right

Obama’s Labor Secretary Tells DNC:
“Public Employees Are Under Assault… The Fight Is On”

  Union Member Attacks, Injures Tea Party Activist
 At (UNION) Rally

 ‘Fascists Go Home!’: Tea Partier Injured
 In Assault by ‘Teamster’ At Sacramento Protest

WILD… Crazed Pro-Union Loon Actually
 Starts Foaming At The Mouth At Rally (Video)

End Forced Unionism

Barack Hussein Obama

10 Things You Need to Know About
High Gas Prices and Obama’s Oil Policy

Amid Financial Ruin, Obama Spends Millions
 On Political Fraud/Ecology Hoax 

End The Obama Freeze On American Energy Development

The Shamefulness Of The Obama Administration’s Inaction On Libya

Well-Meaning Or Not, Obama Threatens America–
A Wealth Of Evidence Points To An Inescapable Conclusion

Democrat-Activist Media

Lubbock, Texas: Muslim Plots To Mass-Murder Non-Muslims,
Media Writes Of “Backlash” Fears Against Muslim Community

Media Ignores Outrageous Behavior, Violence Of The Left

More New Tone Violence: Where Is MSM?
 Union Thug Assaults Tea Partier

Media Fears Democrats Will
Take Hit for Any Government Shutdown

Mike Malloy Spews: Fox Is A ‘Terrorist Organization’
That ‘Wants To Burn The Country Down’


Hamas Tries To Capitalize On Egypt’s Revolution

Egyptian Armed Forces Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Storm
Christian Monastery With Tanks, Open Fire, Injuring 19

In Libya, An Al-Qaida Ally Lurks In The Shadows


Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist,
 Racist, Homophobic Rage Of  The Left

More Civilians Killed Last Year In One
 Mexican Border Town Than All Afghanistan



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