Must Know Headlines 3.12.2011


Israel: Muslim Slaughters Jewish Family Of Five, Including An 11-year-old,
A 3-Year-Old And An Infant — All Stabbed In Their Sleep 

Sorry Rep. Ellison… 80% of All Terrorism
Convictions Since 9-11 Involved Radical Islamists 

Dems At Radicalization Hearings Recite
Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Group’s Talking Points

Saudi Indicted For Plot Targeting Bush And Nuclear Plants

Facts Don’t Support Claims On Gulf Of Mexico Oil Production

Airport Body Scanners Radiation
Levels 10 Times Higher Than Expected

Illinois’ Illogical Internet Tax

Palin: Union Boss ‘Thugs’ Should Dial Back Rhetoric

Victory in Wisconsin…..For Now

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Blames Oil Companies For Lack Of Drilling

Bill Clinton Slams Obama Regime’s
 “Ridiculous Delays” In Issuing Offshore Drilling Permits

High Energy Prices Are Obama’s ‘Explicit Policy Goal,’ Inhofe Says

Obama: Makes No Sense To Defund Public Broadcasting

Obama Nominates Abortion Advocate For Federal Appeals Court

Side Effects: Obamacare Creates More
 Unnecessary Work For Already Swamped Doctors

Our President Envies Hu Jintao

Obama: It Would Be So Much Easier To Be The President Of China

Democrat-Activist Media

Japan Earthquake: State-Run Media Will Focus On How It Affects Obama 

MSNBC Christ Matthews: “First Thing I Thought Of” After Seeing Tragedy
 In Japan Was An “Opportunity For Obama To Remind
People He Was Born In Hawaii”

For Rosenthal, Everything Is Global Warming’s Fault

‘Morning Joe’ Gives Rep. Keith Ellison
 Generous Coverage, Fails To Feature Other Side Of Issue

Pro-Union Democrats

Is There Harm In The Creepy Teacher Goons Of Madison Striking?
Actually, There May Be More Harm In Them Returning To Work

Support Us Or Else: Wisconsin Unions
Bully Local Businesses With Ultimatum

More Threats In WI Against Business

18 Republican Senators From WI Get Death Threats After Passing Bill

Top 10 Ugly Moments In The Wisconsin Union Battle