Must Know Headlines 3.16.2011


Ignoring Death Threats To Wisconsin Politicians Is Media Bias

The Three News Mediums The Left Hates

Fed Instructs Teachers To Facebook Creep Students

Herman Cain: ‘It’s Not Planned Parenthood — No, It’s Planned Genocide’

Herman Cain (R)

The Long-Waited Internal Report On New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Dismissal Is Done,
And Sensible Americans Aren’t Going To Be Happy

Medicare And Medicaid Made $70 Billion In ‘Improper Payments’ Last Year—
More Than All Spending By Homeland Security And State Departments Combined

 You Won’t Believe Where Recovery Money Is Going:
Group Called For ‘Self-Determination, National Liberation For Our Race’

WI Republicans Leading In Lib Recall Poll
But News Sites Spin It As Bad News For Republicans

Barack Hussein Obama

Palin: The $4-Per-Gallon President

Faced With Global Unrest And An Economic Reckoning,
 Obama Is Filling Out Basketball Brackets And Scolding School Bullies

Gaddafi Safe With Obama

Wanda Sykes: ‘Has Obama Had One Relaxing Day Since He’s Been In Office?’

In The 784 Days Obama Has Occupied Office Of President, He Has Played 61 Rounds Of Golf

Bush Golfed 24 Times In 8 Years….Media Silent

Union Lovers

It’s Not Just The Politicians…
Wisconsin Tea Party Leaders Receive Death Threats

 Union Supporters Protest Wisconsin Senator’s Home

SCREAMING UNION THUGS Dragged Away By Troopers After Barging
Into TN Capitol Senate Committee Meeting (Video)

Union Protestors In Wisconsin Destroy
Democrat Recall Petitions And Police Do Nothing

Susan Sarandon Calls Wisconsin Governor An ‘Idiot’


As Predicted, King Hearings Fall Short

Tell The Senate To Stop The EPA Global Warming Power Grab!

Republicans Probe “Death Panels” Added, Removed From Obamacare

Congress Must Stop $105.5 Billion In Automatic Obamacare Spending

Democrats Rope-A-Doping Republicans On Spending

Lawmakers Clash On Hill Over Government ‘Takeover’ Of Internet

Democrat-Activist Media

AOL Fires 900 As The Huffington Post Goes On Spending Spree

Fear The Media Meltdown, Not The Nuclear One

ABC Exploits Japanese Tragedy To Undermine
Minor GOP-Proposed Domestic U.S. Budget Reduction

 Crazy Larry Libels ‘Good Christians’ As Immigrant Killers


Israelis Seize Ship Carrying Iranian Arms

Her Family Slaughtered By Muslim Jew-Haters,
Anguished Orphaned Jewish Child In Israel Fears Obama’s America





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