Must Know Headlines 3.27.2011


U.S. Endorses Tolerance Of Dictators Killing Their Own

Gov. Jerry Brown Cuts Services For The Poor,
Sick And Elderly To Pressure Republicans To Agree To His Tax Plan

Preschools Are Using A Marxist’s Theories To Manufacture Collectivists

Why Is California Broke? Because It Taxes The Rich!

The Koch Brothers And The Paranoid Style In Liberal Politics


US Troops Join Al Qaeda, Rebels In Libya

Gates: No Idea How Long U.S. Military Could Be Involved In Libya

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It To The Middle Class

SEIU Is Partner With Obama’s Conservation Youth Corps

Obama’s Fiscal Policies Doom Retirement For Millions

Democrat-Activist Media

Transparency: Reporter At Biden Fundraiser Kept In Closet

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Uprisings Have Shown That Muslims “Want
Modernity, Jobs And Democracy More Than They Want An Islamic Caliphate”

Ed Schultz Reveals Inner
Warmonger, Trumpets Obama’s Decision To ‘Invade’ Libya

AOL/HuffPo Writer Romanticizes History Of Admitted Marxist And Cop Killer Supporter

Maher Strikes Again: Bachmann And Palin ‘Two Bimbos’

Obama More ‘Hawkish’ Than Bush, Yet Better
At Carrying Out His Policies Say ‘Morning Joe’ Pundits

Rachel Maddow’s Rant


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