Must Know Headlines 3.28.2011


Exclusive To Newsmax: Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate

Iranian Video Says Mahdi Is ‘Near’

Wade Rathke’s Startling Admission: ‘Economic Terrorism’
Engineer Stephen Lerner Is Still On SEIU Payroll

Reporter Stuffed In Closet By VP Joe Biden’s Staff Speaks

On Fox & Friends, MRC’s Bozell Exposes Media’s War Coverage Double Standard

New York Times Proves Glenn Beck Right On “Crazy” Muslim Brotherhood Theory

Media Matters (For The Democrat Party)

Media Matters To Launch Campaign Of
 ‘Guerrilla Warfare And Sabotage’ Against FOX News

Is Media Matters Breaking The Law In Its ‘War’ On FOX News?

2010: Soros Donates $1 Million To Media Matters
For Fight Against FOX And Glenn Beck 

Check Out Media Matters Website—
It’s All About FOX

Barack Hussein Obama

Candidate Obama In 2007:
Americans ‘Have A Right To Know’ Before Government Takes Military Action

Obama To Give Prime-Time Address For Military Intervention In Libya At 7:30 pm

Soros Wins Under Obama’s Energy Policies

Obama Budget Adds $80,000 Per Household To National Debt

President Obama Is The Enemy Of Small Business

Video: Bill Ayers Admits (Again) He Wrote Obama’s First Book


President Obama’s Ten Libyan Paradoxes

Jihadis Who Fought U.S. In Iraq, Afghanistan Now Enjoy American Support In Libya

Obama On Libya: “It’s In Our National Interest To Act” —
Defense Secretary Gates: “No, It’s Not A Vital Interest For The United States”

Pulitzer Prize Winning Iraq War Critic:
 ‘All Obama Is Saying Is Give War A Chance’

Hillary: Libyan Operation Could Last Months

Kucinich: No Intent To Seek Impeachment Of Obama Over Libya

Libyan Rebel Leader To Sarkozy: Thanks Now Get Lost

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times Uses Geraldine Ferraro Death To Bash Pro-Lifers

Glee: Promoting Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education Agenda

Bret Baier Gets Jon Stewart To Admit Fox Does Hard News


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