Must Know Headlines 3.29.2011


Pakistan: Two More Christians Killed,
Churches Burned As Muslims Respond To Florida Qur’an Burning

Iranian Gov’t Video Predicts Imminent Coming Of Islamic Messiah

Pakistani Actress Bravely Unloads On Mullah & Media

Why Punish Libya, But Not Syria?


Harry Reid Wants GOP To Drop Tea Party –
Keep Spending At Record Levels

Loudest Obamacare Cheerleader (Anthony Weiner) Wants Out

Dick Durbin Hearing To Fuel The Muslim Victimhood Myth

School Choice: Created Equal, But Not In Washington, D.C.

While Slowing BP Oil Spill, Administration Slowed
Flow Of Information Too, Claims Coast Guard Report

Trial Lawyers Try To Squeeze Billions From Walmart

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Scary Discomfort With American Power

Obama On Non-Criminal Illegal Aliens:
We Don’t Want To Deport Them; ‘We Want Them To Succeed’

Obama’s Incoherence: Syria And Libya And The Middle East Meltdown

Obama Triangulates On Gun Control

Obama To Raise Cash For Dems In NY, Chicago

Obama Regime Subsidizes Brazilian Oil Drilling

Obama’s War ‘Kinetic Military Action’


Teachers Union Unrest In Michigan

Wisconsin Universities Vote To Join Teachers Union In Wake Of Walker Bill

Democrat-Activist Media

The KGB Of The Left? Media Matters ‘Sabotage’ War Against Fox

‘Morning Joe’ Pundits: Obama ‘Extremely Deft In A Very Tough Situation’

Report: Bill Maher Doubles Down — Calls Sarah Palin A ‘Cunt’

Maddow Notices Similarity Between Obama’s
Libya Address And Nobel Peace Prize Speech – But Not The Irony


The REINS Act: Restoring Balance To A Broken Regulatory System


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