Must Know Headlines 3.30.2011


Read The Wis. Gov’s Op-Ed The NYT Refused To Print

Democrats Say House Leaders Must Ignore Tea Party On Budget Cuts

Hillary Clinton: UN Resolution Gives US Authority To Arm Al-Qaeda Linked Libyan Rebels

Project Gunrunner: Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare

SEIU’s Stephen Lerner Doubles Down On Crippling America’s Economic System

All Clear! Obama’s  DOJ Investigators Whitewash Black Panther Case

Government Motors

Cash For Clunkers 2: The Return Of Government Motors

Dept Of Energy Releases Plan To Have Gov’t Pay $7,500
To Dealers At The Point Of Sale For Each New “Green” Car

Barack Hussein Obama

Analysis: US Still Lacks Border Strategy

Obama Won’t Be Deporting Illegals Who “Do The Right Thing”

There is no such thing as non-criminal ILLEGAL immigrants.


Barack Obama, Citizen of  World, Is Undoing American Sovereignty

Obama Said ‘Mosques Destroyed’ Supported His Argument For Air Strikes In Libya 
  Another Stunner Behind Obama’s Libya Doctrine–
You Won’t Believe Who Helped Devise Policy Used By President

Obama Leaves Libya Questions Unanswered

Fact Checking Obama’s Libya Speech


 Unelected Bureaucrats Of The EPA Are On A Mission To Force
Unwanted And Disastrous Regulation Down Our Throats

Former Organizing For America Staffer Interfered
With FOIA Requests At Department Of Homeland Security

Schumer To Fellow Dems: I’ve Been “Instructed” To Call GOP “Extreme”

Weiner-iffic: Crusader Against Unpaid Parking
Tickets Had Over $2,000 in Unpaid Parking Tickets

Pelosi Tells Pro-Abortion Dinner: GOP Waging “War On Women”

Black Genocide: “Every 21 Minutes Our Next Possible Leader Is ABORTED”

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC’s Maceda: After Obama Speech, Gaddafi Likely ‘Feeling A Lot Better’

Calling BULLSHIT On ‘Rolling Stone’

Ted Koppel Longs For The Old Media And
 An ‘Objective Accounting’ Of ‘What’s Really Important’

 CNN’s Newfound Skepticism Of Enemy Propaganda


Iraqi Archbishop: No Genuine Democracy In Muslim Lands
Without Equal Rights For Christians

Third Church Attacked As Pakistani Extremists Declare War Over Florida Koran Burning 


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