Must Know Headlines 4.1.2011


Democrat: GOP Budget Would Kill 70,000 Children

$33 Billion In Budget Cuts? Chump Change

Time To Stop Blaming Public School Problems On Lack Of Funding

Tea Party Rally Pressures House GOP On Budget

ILLEGAL Immigration

Border Patrol Officials Have Been Told To Reduce — Even Stop —
Arresting Illegals, Arizona Sheriff Says

Federal Auditor: Border Patrol Can Stop Illegal Entries
Along Only 129 Miles Of 1,954-Mile Mexican Border

Colorado Sec. Of State: 12,000 Non-Citizens Registered To Vote; 5,000 Voted In 2010

Mexican Gangsters Plotting To Kill U.S. Border Officials

Barack Hussein Obama

At Least 40 Civilians Dead In Tripoli Strikes

Obama Accepts Transparency Award In Closed Press Ceremony

Jihadis In Libya Find An Unlikely Benefactor In The United States

Flashback: Obama Doublespeak? Iraq ‘Dumb War,’ Libya Justified


WI Teacher– Katherine Windels— Charged
With Sending Death Threats To GOP Lawmaker

On Tuesday, April 5, Supreme Court Judge Dave Prosser —
The Swing Vote On The Court — Is Up For Re-Election In Wisconsin

White House Backs Big Labor In Fight Over FAA Reauthorization Bill

Why Not Disclose What Happens To $8 Billion In Union Dues?

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Relying On Obama To Save Taxpayer Funding

Planned Parenthood CEO: “We Work Just Like A Hospital”
(While They Oppose Being Regulated Like One)

Shariah Law

Muslim Girl, 14, Lashed To Death For Being Raped By Cousin

Boy, 12, Charged With Hate Crime
For Attempting To Rip Religious Head Scarf Off Head Of Classmate

Dad Says Boy, 12, Charged With Hate Crime Is Muslim Too

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Passes Off Environmental Alarmist,
Anti-Nuclear Activist As Expert On Food Safety, Radiation

NPR Toes The Line For President Obama’s Energy Policy

Will AOL Remove Van Jones From HuffPost Front Page For
Hateful Attack On America Day After 9/11?

Correction Request: Media Matters Fudges Truth On Planned Parenthood Services

ABC’s Jon Karl Touts Liberal Advocacy Group’s
Claim That ‘Tea Party Darlings’ Are ‘Hypocrites’


Susan Rice, Visionary Behind Obama Doctrine, Thinks Poverty Causes Terrorism

Al Qaeda Declares Southern Yemeni Province An “Islamic Emirate”


State Dep’t And U.N. Silent About Latest Anti-Christian Violence In Ethiopia

Chavez Embraces Gaddafi And Tehran

Chicago: Three “Middle Eastern Men” Cause Flight To Make
Emergency Stop After “Strange Goings On In The Back Of The Plane”