Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators
Visited White House 342 Times

Must Know Headlines


 No Deal As Boehner Talks To Obama About Shutdown

Paul Ryan (R) Announces That GOP’s 2012 Budget
Would Cut $6.2 Trillion In Spending Over 10 Years

Illegal Aliens Set To Tilt Yakima, Wash. Election Scales
By Being Included In District Headcounts

Bloody Pig Foot, Jew-Hating Ramblings Sent To Peter King’s (R-N.Y.) Office;
Hamas-Tied Hate Group CAIR, “It Was An Anti-Muslim Bigot”

Nigeria: Muslim Mob Storms Three Christian Villages,
Murders At Least Two People Over Alleged Qur’an Desecration

Afghan Border Police Officer Kills 2 US Soldiers–Americans Shot Dead While Training
Afghan Police As Protests Continue Over The Burning Of A Qur’an By A US Pastor

Iran’s Supreme Leader: ‘We Have Won On The Nuclear Front’;
America Is Now “Clearly Weak, And Even Succumbing”

Muslim Brotherhood Official Calls For Modesty Enforcement

Barack Hussein Obama

60% Of  U.S. Military Deaths In Afghanistan
Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated In 2009

Obama Caves On Bush Policy: Military Tribunal for 9/11 Plotters

Stop Obama’s FCC Internet Takeover

Pro-Abortion President Obama Launches Bid For Re-Election

Obama’s War

Jihadis Who Killed Americans Get U.S. Support In Libya

Libyan Rebel Leader: We Want To “Cut Gaddafi’s Throat And Establish An Islamic State”


Judge Sumi’s War On Wisconsin Republicans

Soros-Funded National Lawyers Guild Selects
Violent Revolutionary As Keynote Speaker

Retired California Teachers Make
 More Than Working Teachers Of Most States

Democrat-Activist Media

AOL/Huffington Post Slander Ex-Marine Ilario Pantano To Tout Controversial Imam

Katie Couric Leaving The CBS Evening News;  Look Back At Her Worst Bias

L.A. Times Announces Obama’s New  Campaign Website –

 MSNBC Chris Matthews  Compares Afghan Muslim Protesters
Beheading UN Workers To GOP “Zealots At Home”

Nearly A Week Later And Media Matters Still Hasn’t Corrected Bad Planned Parenthood Story

More Proof  Hollywood Lies About Pro-American Films Not Making Money Overseas

AFP News: Many Of America’s Problems Predated Obama

ABC Reporter Spins For Clinton,
Frets Obama Is ‘Giving In Too Much’ To GOP On Budget

 Pro-Life? Face The Fury Of Maureen Dowd


Tea Party Nation: Sen. Scott Brown Threw Us ‘Under The Bus’


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