Must Know Headlines


 No Deal As Boehner Talks To Obama About Shutdown

Paul Ryan (R) Announces That GOP’s 2012 Budget
Would Cut $6.2 Trillion In Spending Over 10 Years

Illegal Aliens Set To Tilt Yakima, Wash. Election Scales
By Being Included In District Headcounts

Bloody Pig Foot, Jew-Hating Ramblings Sent To Peter King’s (R-N.Y.) Office;
Hamas-Tied Hate Group CAIR, “It Was An Anti-Muslim Bigot”

Nigeria: Muslim Mob Storms Three Christian Villages,
Murders At Least Two People Over Alleged Qur’an Desecration

Afghan Border Police Officer Kills 2 US Soldiers–Americans Shot Dead While Training
Afghan Police As Protests Continue Over The Burning Of A Qur’an By A US Pastor

Iran’s Supreme Leader: ‘We Have Won On The Nuclear Front’;
America Is Now “Clearly Weak, And Even Succumbing”

Muslim Brotherhood Official Calls For Modesty Enforcement

Barack Hussein Obama

60% Of  U.S. Military Deaths In Afghanistan
Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated In 2009

Obama Caves On Bush Policy: Military Tribunal for 9/11 Plotters

Stop Obama’s FCC Internet Takeover

Pro-Abortion President Obama Launches Bid For Re-Election

Obama’s War

Jihadis Who Killed Americans Get U.S. Support In Libya

Libyan Rebel Leader: We Want To “Cut Gaddafi’s Throat And Establish An Islamic State”


Judge Sumi’s War On Wisconsin Republicans

Soros-Funded National Lawyers Guild Selects
Violent Revolutionary As Keynote Speaker

Retired California Teachers Make
 More Than Working Teachers Of Most States

Democrat-Activist Media

AOL/Huffington Post Slander Ex-Marine Ilario Pantano To Tout Controversial Imam

Katie Couric Leaving The CBS Evening News;  Look Back At Her Worst Bias

L.A. Times Announces Obama’s New  Campaign Website –

 MSNBC Chris Matthews  Compares Afghan Muslim Protesters
Beheading UN Workers To GOP “Zealots At Home”

Nearly A Week Later And Media Matters Still Hasn’t Corrected Bad Planned Parenthood Story

More Proof  Hollywood Lies About Pro-American Films Not Making Money Overseas

AFP News: Many Of America’s Problems Predated Obama

ABC Reporter Spins For Clinton,
Frets Obama Is ‘Giving In Too Much’ To GOP On Budget

 Pro-Life? Face The Fury Of Maureen Dowd


Tea Party Nation: Sen. Scott Brown Threw Us ‘Under The Bus’


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