Must Know Headlines


Obama Misstates Cause of Minn. Bridge Collapse–Falsely Blames Insufficient Federal Spending

Egypt: Human Rights Lawyer Receiving Hundreds of Requests
From Christians Trying to Flee Country Over Rising Islamic Threat


GOP Members Backing Out Of Commitments To Stop Debt-Ceiling Hike

The Nation’s Credit Rating Faces A Bleak Future If Fiscal Sanity Isn’t Restored

Even S&P Gets It: We’re Broke

Obama Downplays Dismal S&P US Credit Outlook

Here Comes The Inflation

The Hidden Tax’: Report Estimates Regulation Costs Economy $1.75 Trillion

If America Faces Economic Crisis, Why Are Our Leaders On Recess?

Barack Hussein Obama

Dear  Pres. Obama,  U.S. Intervention In Libya Aids The Jihad

Obama’s Ultimate Insult To The Jews On Pesach

Barack And Michelle Reported $1.728 Million For Last Year,
And They Want To Redistribute Your Wealth

‘Let Me Finish My Answers’: Obama Loses His Cool With Texas TV Reporter

The President’s Medicare Plan: A Trojan Horse To Ration Health Care?


The Democrat Debt Mess

Border Patrol’s Effectiveness Curbed By Federal Officials
Citing  Environmental Laws, Says GAO Report

Incoherent Lunatics Scream At Sarah Palin In Wisconsin

Komen: Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Do Mammograms With Grants

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Doesn’t Ask for Obama’s Full ‘Hot Mic’ Remarks; Heavily Edited Video Available Only

Comcast-Owned Network Sells Dope To Kids

CBS Rues Unfairness Of Rich Not Paying Enough Without Noting More
Than A Third of Americans Pay Nothing (And Get Money Back)

The Associated Press Really Likes The Progressive Income Tax For The “Rich”

Jihad, Zakat, And A Really Ignorant Leftist Blogger

LA Times Says Taxpayers Should Fund Abortion

More Pro-Abortion Industry Bias From CNN

Richard Roeper Mischaracterizes Breitbart’s Attack On Wisc. Union Thugs

CNN Lies With Statistics — Again


Michigan: County Prosecutors Seeking Court Order To
Stop Koran-Burning Pastor From Protesting Outside Dearborn Mosque

Palestinians Confess To Massacring Family Of Five

Nigeria: Muslims Riot, Torch Churches,
Attack Christians After Muslim Candidate Loses Presidential Election




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