Must Know Headlines


Incriminating HHS Records Detail Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare Propaganda Campaign

Aiding The Jihad: Libya Rebels Will Receive $25 Million From U.S.

U.S. Intervention In Libya Aids The Jihad

American Taxpayers Lose $11 Billion On GM “Investment”

U.S. Taxpayers Guarantee $2.1B Loan To German Firms

U.S. Gov’t Agency Plans $2.84 Billion Loan For Oil Refinery—In Colombia

With A Democrat In The Oval Office, Five Dollars A Gallon Is  No Big Deal

$6 Gas? Could Happen If Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Barely Mention Obama’s Role In Jacking Up Gas Prices

CBS’ Cost Cutting Doesn’t Extend To CEO’s Paycheck

MSNBC Host Gets Hostile With Breitbart; Uses Media Matters Talking Points

Breitbart To Bashir: ‘You’re Insinuating I’m Racist Which
Is What MSNBC Does To Conservatives Every Day’

The Donald: Doing The Job The Media Won’t Do

Wonkette  Stoops To New Low, Mocks Trig Palin For Mental Disability

Twitter Power: Mock The MSM And Watch Them Launch Phony Attacks Against Sarah Palin

LA Times Front Page Celebrates Law Enforcement Submission To Islam

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama: Mistakes? Can’t Thnk Of Any

President Likes Taking Away People’s Money

Obama Now Making Up Stuff About Coal Industry In Order To Block Production

Partisan Passover:  Obama Cast As God

Obama’s Medicare Hypocrisy

White House Amnesty Association’s Spring Meeting — Obama Wants Amnesty
For The 12-20 Million ILLEGAL Immigrants Inside The United States

Don’t Let Alinsky Win—
Careful Strategies Are Needed. A Crisis Can Only Help Obama. That Is His Goal.


FCC Expands Internet Takeover, Adds Bailouts And Price Controls

Taxpayers Pay For EPA Rap: ‘Public Transportation Is The Way To Go’

NLRB Continues To Do The Unions Bidding On Behalf Of The Obama Regime,
Slaps Boeing With Complaint For Building Planes In Non-Union Facility

Obama Justice Department Saves Brotherhood Fronts

State-Funded Teen Website Steers Girls To Planned Parenthood
— Ending a Life ‘Much Easier Than It Sounds’


Bachmann Tries To Kill Birther Talk: ‘Stop Asking Republicans’ About it

Liberals Attack Paul Ryan Because His Father Died Young, Resulting In Survivor Benefits


USS Cole Mastermind To Stand Trial At Gitmo