Must Know Headlines


Fannie Mae Seeks $8.5B More In Federal Aid, Wants $8.5B More From Taxpayers

Uncle Sam’s Latest Line Of Credit: $1,888,174,000,000.00 Spent Out Of $1,900,000,000,000.00 

Obamas Beloved SEIU Drops Mask, Goes Full Commie

After Congress Lifted Debt Limit Last Year, Debt Jumped $500 Billion In Two Months

 Was It “Tacky” To Celebrate When Hitler Was Killed?

 Ariz. Sheriff: Feds Order Release Of Illegals To Phony Up Numbers

Piven & Professors Push Voting Rights For Non-Citizens & Borderless,
One-World, Anti-Capitalism, Government

CIA Agents Lived In Spy House Near Bin Laden’s Compound
For MONTHS In Most Intricate Operation In Agency’s History

Years Later, Condi Rice Finally Makes Impassioned Defense Of Iraq War Decision

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Flashback: It Is No Longer Essential To Kill Osama Bin Laden

Flashback: Obama Allows Photos Dead U.S. Troops Returning From Afghan And Iraq Wars

Top 10 Bush Terror Policies Continued By Obama

Obama On Soaring Gas Prices: “We Can’t Drill Our Way Out Of The Problem”

GE’s Immelt Returns Focus To Green Cash

For Obama Team, Transparency Means Sneaking Off To A Coffee Shop

Former Presidents Reject Obama Photo Op At Ground Zero

Did The Obama Campaign Buy GutsyCall.Com?


Top Official From Obama-Backed Black Chamber Faces Criminal Charges

Van Jones’ Color Of Change Targets Trump;
Demands Racial Loyalty From Black ‘Apprentice’ Stars

Clueless Eva Longoria:
Latinos Helped Elect Obama So There’s A “Need For Action” On Immigration

Pro-Abortion Groups Use Mother’s Day To Raise Funds

Obama Hearts Unions

Shocker: Obama-Appointed NLRB Member A Pro-Union Fanatic

Surprise! National Teachers Union Backs Obama For Reelection

NLRB Sues Boeing, And Why South Carolina’s Loss May Be America’s Too

Halt The NLRB’s Regulatory Overreach

Washington D.C

 D.C. Residents Unable To Purchase Handguns After Sole Dealer Seeks New Office

Update: 39 D.C. Schools Receive Letters With White Powder

Democrat-Activist Media

Unemployment Rate Rises To 9%, State-Run Media Cheers Obama

Publically Funded NPR Excludes Tough Debate Criticism Of Obama,
But In New York, He’s The ‘Best President We’ve Ever Had’

Arianna Huffington Puts Her 2012, “Elect More Progressives” Strategy Into Action

MSNBC Uses Jihad-Teaching Extremist To Show How
Muslim-Americans Are Celebrating Bin Laden’s Death

 Hit And Run Journalism In Kansas City


Connecticut: Muslim Gets 18 Months For Illegal Purchase Of Body Armor

Sarah Palin Talks Energy, Jabs MSM With David Asman

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