AFL-CIO Cuts Business Ties With Walker-Connected Firms


Spoiled brat, cry babies.

WTMJ reported Big Government:

The AFL-CIO is cutting ties to people who do business with Governor Scott Walker. On Thursday, the union withdrew more than $100,000 from M&I Bank. Union leaders are upset bank executives contributed to Governor Walker’s election campaign. MORE


Gov. Scott Walker:

“While our idea may be a bold political move it is a very modest request of our employees. We are reforming the collective bargaining system so our state and local governments can ask employees to contribute 5.8% for pension and 12.6% for health insurance premiums. These reforms will help them balance their budgets. In total, our collective bargaining reforms save local governments more than $700 million each year“. READ MORE


Like most other unions, the AFL-CIO only cares about their union $$$$ and their top dogs. They don’t give a damn about the taxpayers, fairness, and or America. Not to mention, they do very little for their members.

Keep paying your dues!

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