Must Know Headlines


Turkey’s Islamist President Applauds Obama For Dumping On Israel

Yes We Can!… Convicted Islamist Who Threatened
“South Park” Creators Was Obama Campaign Worker

‘Government Killed One Of Their Own’: Iraq War Vet And Father Of Two
Shot 71 Times In Own HOME By SWAT team

Honor Killing Cover-Up In Tampa? Muslim Woman’s Death Ruled “Accident”

The Case For Herman Cain For President — By Herman Cain

Will U.S. Make Israel Indefensible?

There’s No Such Thing As Palestine

WikiLeaks Bolsters Argument For ‘Enhanced’ Interrogation Tactics

Trumka Issues Threat To Dems: Help Us Or Pay

Barack Hussein Obama

Republicans And Dems Agree, Why Is Obama
Promising Egypt $2 Billion In Money We Don’t Have?

Canada Rejects Obama’s Middle East Peace Plan

Obama Golfs For 8th Weekend In A Row, 69th Round Since Taking Office

Obama: Rally Against Most Anti-Jewish President Ever

The New Arafat: Obama Tries To Impose Indefensible,
Catastrophic Borders For A Trusted Ally

Top Jewish Americans Ponder Support For Obama

Will President Obama Willingly Violate The War Powers Act?


The Administration Must Not Bend To Russian Missile Defense Demands

Another Example Of NYC’s Oppressive Business Environment –
You Need A License To Pump Gas

Obama And Democrats, Not Republicans, Need To Answer For Debt Ceiling

Federally Funded NASA ‘Educates’ Children About
Global Warming On ‘Climate Kids’ Web Site

Saudi Arabia Advances Gulf Cooperation Council, Further Cuts U.S. Ties

FOIA Lawsuit Filed Over Obama Justice Department’s
Refusal To Defend Federal Marriage Law

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Media Skip Study That Found
Stimulus ‘Forestalled Or Destroyed’ A Million Private-Sector Jobs

Maher: GOP Primary Voters Want Misogynist, Racist,
Homophobic Presidential Candidate

AP’s Full Description Of Herman Cain As Godfather’s CEO:
‘Rescued By Shuttering Hundreds Of Restaurants’

DropFox Hits The Ground … And Stays There

Has The Media Finally Awakened?

Ed Schultz Trashes Paul Ryan, Says Liberal
Grandma-Off-The-Cliff Ad Is ‘Very Effective And Is Truthful’

Washington Post Slams Obama For Undermining Peace

Katie Who? CBS Scrubs Network Of Couric Images

George Stephanopoulos Badgers GOP Candidate;
Four Years Ago, ABC Was Gentle With Dems

Poll: And the Most Trusted Political Reporter In America Is…Nobody


Pakistan: Muslim Doctor Attacks Christian Nurses
In Latest Spate Of Anti-Christian Violence

Pure Evil: Taliban Suicide Bomber Attacks Military Hospital In Kabul

Gene Simmons Slams President Obama’s Israel Policy:
‘He Has No F-Ing Idea What The World Is Like’



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