Must Know Headlines


Ahmadinejad Says Iranian People Demand “Complete Elimination Of Israel”

Biden Does Not Applaud After Netanyahu Says Jerusalem Will Not Be Divided

Israeli Jews Not Nearly As Sick As USA Jews: Poll

FBI Official: Illinois Imam Wouldn’t Pass Background Check

G8 Leaders

Global Debt Exploding, But G8 Leaders Focus On
Global Regulations For Internet

G8 To Give $40B In Jizya For Muslim Brotherhood’s “Arab Spring”


 Paul Ryan Points Out ObamaCare Lets Medicare Die Slowly and Painfully

Senator Jim DeMint Talks About Union Thugs And Their Attack On Boeing

Tell Republicans To Stop Acting Like Obama On Natural Gas Vehicle Subsidies:
Sign Petition HERE


Democrats Say They Want Clinton Tax Rates,
In Reality Propose Rates Like Those Under President Carter

Former Obama Health Care Official Now Planned Parenthood Lobbyist

DNC Chairwoman’s Auto Hypocrisy Exposed

Planned Parenthood Sues South Dakota

Knopf Doubleday Gives “Wise Latina” Justice Sotomayor $1.2 Million
Advance For Bilingual Memoir

Barack Hussein Obama

Don’t Be Fooled, Obama Admin. Is Still Most Pro-Regulation,
Anti-Business In Decades; Obama’s Regulatory Cuts Come Up Way Short

Obama’s Outreach To “Independent” Voters Who Hate Big Government
But Like The Idea Of A Black President

 The Mideast History Lesson Obama So Desperately Needs 

Michelle Obama

Classy. At London School Michelle Obama Brags
About Hosting Cop-Killer Promoting Rapper At White House

Expert Blames Michelle O’s Staff Turnover On….Race?

Democrat-Activist Media

Nets Yawn At Obama’s Patriot Act Renewal; Hyped Bush’s ‘Broad Powers’

Liberal Media Reveals Obama Game Plan For 2012

NY Times Ludicrously Labels 9-11 Truthers ‘Right-Wing’

Anti-Bullying Gay Activist, Dan Savage,
Demands Canadian MP Perform A Sex Act On Him

CNN’s Randi Kaye On Ed Schultz’s Rant:
‘There Are Mixed Interpretations’ Of The Term ‘Slut’

The NY Times Lied About Israeli Reaction To Netanyahu’s D.C. Adventure

Larry Flynt: Hollywood’s Free Speech Folk Hero
Attacks Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome Baby

 Rosie O’Donnell: Hard To Believe All These Tornadoes
Aren’t Caused By Global Warming


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