Must Know Headlines


The Democrats & Media Lie:
Ryan’s Budget Does NOT Affect The Medicare Of Seniors 55 And Older

ObamaNomics: Harder For Unemployed To Find A Job Now
Than During Great Depression

Taxpayers Are Still Subsidizing Billionaire Bankers

89% Say New Graduates Will Have Tough Time Finding A Job

The Job Market: Far Worse Than It Appears

Obama’s Funny Auto-Jobs Math
Yes, The Auto Industry Has Added Jobs, But Not The Companies We Bailed Out
EPA’s War On Energy Hitting Pocketbooks

1,400 Health Care Waivers Raise Suspicion Of Political Favoritism


Syria Pays Cash For Riot, Media Takes Propaganda For Free

Netanyahu: Palestinians Not Interested In Solution Based On 1967 Borders

“Youth” Charged With Slaughter Of Israeli Family: “I Don’t Regret What I Did,
And Would Do It Again. I’m Proud Of What I Did And I’ll Accept Any
Punishment I Get, Even Death, Because I Did It All For Palestine.” 

Netanyahu To Palestinians: ‘Tear Up Your Pact With Hamas’

Hemorrhoids And Zionist Impaling Stakes In (Congress’s) Backsides,”
When Standing For Netanyahu, Says PA Daily

Coldplay Promotes ‘Freedom For Palestine’ Song 

Hamas Is Determined To Wipe Israel Off The
Map And Replace It With The State Of Palestine

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama, Holder Pursuit Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Continues

Darrell Issa To Subpoena Obama Admin Over Project Gunrunner

Obama Tunes Out, And Business Goes On Hiring Strike

5 American Soldiers Killed In Iraq

Obama Golfs Ten Weekends In A Row, 71st Time!

President Obama Wolfs Down TWO Chili Dogs And Fries…
The Day After His Wife Unveils New Dietary Guide

Democrat-Activist Media

Miami Lies: Herald Publishes Apartheid Smear Op-Ed

When Did The Media Flip-Flop On The War(s)?

 Media Promotes Obama Talking Points On Economy

Media Democrats Shouldn’t Run GOP Presidential Debates 

Media Gossip Cheats Men And Capitalism

ABC’s Amanpour Chafes Over Focus On Debt,
Pushes For ‘Another Stimulus’ Big Spending Bill

Entire Media Skips Team Obama’s Neat Idea In Court:
Avoid Individual Mandate By Going Poor


 American Muslims Honor Khomeini’s Legacy In Washington