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Obama: “I’m Not Concerned About A Double-Dip Recession”

After Getting Bailed Out By Taxpayers,
General Motors CEO Wants Higher Gas Prices For Taxpayers

Free Market, Not Government Policies, Drives Energy Boom

Report: ‘Green’ Buildings Could Harm Your Health

Let’s Face The Truth: The Stimulus and Bailouts Failed

Firms To Cut Health Plans As Reform Starts:
30% Of Companies Say They’ll Stop Offering Coverage

Will Public Be Intentionally Distracted From Project Gunrunner Hearings?

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Recognized As Legitimate Political Party

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Doesn’t Fear Double-Dip Recession In Face Of Rising Unemployment Rate

Thanks Barack… Class of 2011 Faces Highest Unemployment Rate
For College Grads In History (Video)

Obama Gives Billions Of Dollars In Foreign Aid To
World’s Richest Countries – Then Asks To Borrow It Back

ObamaNomics: Federal Government Has Record $61.6 Trillion In
Unfunded Obligations, Equates To $534,000 Per Household

Obama Refuses To Seek Congress’ Support For His Libyan War

President Obama Claims The Economy Suffers Because Of
His Predecessor, Media Outlets, And Consumers

Obama Ignores D-Day, Again

Obama And The End Of Western Civilization


Obama’s Radical Energy Secretary Stephen Chu Implements Program To
Indoctrinate School Children On Global Warming (Video)

Oops! Jan Schakowsky (D), Calling For Higher Taxes,
Cites Source Who Collected $250,000 Earmark

Education Dept. Blocks Reporters From LGBT ‘Youth Summit’ Sessions For Teens

Top Obama Economic Adviser Defends
Obama Economic Plan On ABC On Sunday, Resigns On Monday

Rush: Weiner Face of Democratic Family Values

Sarah Palin

Comedian Chris Titus ‘Jokes’ About Assassinating Sarah Palin

The Story Of Palin And Paul Revere:
She Had Her Info Right, The Media Didn’t Know it

Democrat-Activist Media

Piers Morgan Asks Ann Coulter If  Tea Party Is
Modern Version Of Hitler And Mussolini’s Followers

Larry O’Donnell: Most Voters ‘Don’t Really Know Anything About The Economy’

Recap: The Most Ridiculous Leftist Defenses Of Anthony Weiner

NBC’s Lauer Claims Breitbart Violated Conservative Principles By Breaking Weiner Story

Chrystia Freeland Blown Away By Weiner’s ‘Classy Touch’

Time To Apologize, Nation Mag Editor Chris Hayes And O’Donnell Producers


Muslim Woman Seeks To Revive Institution Of Sex-Slavery

Mexican War On Drugs Reaches New Low As Drug Gangs Hang
Rival Members From City-Centre Bridges

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