Obama Blames Congress For Debt, Mitch McConnell (R) Invites The President To Capital Hill ASAP


UPDATE: Obama rejects McConnell’s invite for debt talks. Says it’s “not a conversation worth having.”

At his first press conference since March, President Obama blamed Congress for the debt. But Obama is the one who wants to keep spending because he is a socialist. Barack Obama would rather raise taxes so he keep spending (and redistribute the wealth) as opposed to balancing the budget and cutting OUR taxes.


President Barack Obama came out swinging at Congress, blaming both parties in both Houses for getting the country into the debt crisis in a bid to deflect  criticism about his own leadership.

At his first press conference since March, he said he is “amused” that he is getting the blame when it is Congressional leaders who need to step up to the plate and work.

This is insane considering the most irresponsible spending was done under a democrat House and Senate and signed by the president. Meanwhile, republicans want to cut spending, lower taxes, and liberate the economy. Government revenue is not the problem. Government spending is.

Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama tripled the national deficit in his first year in office.  In his second year the deficit was again a record $1.29 Trillion.  This year the deficit will be even higher.

Does Obama understand that he is leader of the United States? Just this past weekend Obama golfed for 2 days in a row, 13th straight weekend, and for the 75th time since taking office. Other than golf, he vacations regularly, and holds fundraisers quite frequently for himself. His wife is on a trip to S. Africa which cost taxpayers between $700,000 – $900,000! Wow, that’s some great leadership Barry and Michelle. Like they care, and the media will always cover their ass. Until death do they part.

Well, in response to Obama blaming Congress, Mitch McConnell has invited Obama to meet with Republicans on the debt. Conservative Republicans have many ideas other than tax increases that will fix the debt. But Obama and democrats don’t want to fix it, and that is why they haven’t passed a budget in 792 days.

ABC News:

Saying that President Obama needs to “get serious” about the debt and deficit negotiations Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has invited President Obama to Capitol Hill today to meet with Senate Republicans on the debt ceiling negotiations so he can “hear directly from Senate Republicans why what he is proposing will not pass.”

“The President doesn’t seem to get it,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY., said on the Senate floor moments ago, “I’d like to invite the president to come to today to meet with Senate Republicans – anytime this afternoon he’s available to come on up to the Capitol and meet with Senate Republicans. That way he can hear directly from Senate Republicans, directly, from Senate Republicans why what he is proposing will not pass.”

Noting that the president himself has asked Congress to get working, and the Senate has since cancelled next week’s planned 4th of July recess, McConnell said that today marks as good as a time as ever to start working.

“The President says he wants to get working. Wants us to get working. I can’t think of a better way than to have him come over today. We’re waiting.”

“All of us know that Congress isn’t going to approve hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes — it’s simply not going to happen,” McConnell said, “We’ve known that for six months — and we’ve been saying it all along. The President does not seem to get it.”

McConnell said that is exactly what President Obama tried to defend yesterday in his press conference.

“What I heard him propose is that we solve the debt crisis by spending more money. And that we solve a jobs crisis by raising taxes,” McConnell said, “Who really thinks that the answer to a $1.6 trillion deficit is a second Stimulus, that the answer is more deficit spending?” READ MORE


Let’s look at Obama’s schedule today.

White House Dossier:

9:50 am || Delivers remarks at the Armed Forces Farewell Tribute in honor of Secretary Gates; The Pentagon
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
3:15 pm || Departs White House
4:15 pm || Arrives Philadelphia
5:35 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1
8:30 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2
9:50 pm || Departs Philadelphia
10:50 pm || Arrives White House

Obama would rather blame Congress, especially Republicans as opposed to saving America. The democrat party has gone mostly socialist and they are trying to destroy Capitalism and the economy so they can rebuild it in their own socialist utopia where everything is: run, controlled, owned, regulated and paid for(with our money) by them.

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