Must Know Headlines


Barack Hussein Obama

2.4 Million Fewer Americans Working Now Than When Obama Signed Economic Stimulus

By The End Of His First Term, President Obama Will Have Added
As Much Debt As All The Prior 43 Presidents Combined

Obama Aide David Plouffe: Forget Economic Misery, Voters Will Follow Their Hearts

Chart Of The Week: Tax Burden Is Rising To Highest Level In History

Obama To Lawmakers: Make Sacrifices

ObamaCare, ObamaCars, And Government-Mandated Broccoli

Obama Pal And Terrorist Dohrn Linked To Mexican Killer Case


Holder Bragged About Operation Gunrunner In 2009

Holder’s Justice Department Bullying Banks

Carney’s Outright Lie On The Obama Administration’s
Assault On The Second Amendment 

Democrats Should Know Jim Crow, They Created Him

Top Obama Adviser Says Unemployment Won’t Be Key In 2012

Obamacare vs. Medical Privacy Rights: Guess Which Side DOJ Is On?

Obama’s Car Czar

Reporter Confirms WH Auto Czar’s ‘I Did This All For The Unions’ Comment,
Says It Was A Joke

Video Justice: Car Czar Forced To Answer A Tough Series
Of Questions About The Beck-Exposed Video Of His Mao Love

Democrat-Activist Media

Salon Fakes Palin, Bachmann Quotes Blaming Obama For Casey Anthony Verdict

Media Attempt To Determine Who’s Electable

Media Matters And Dem Groups Form Organization
To Track GOP Candidates With Army Of Videographers

AP Report Interrupts Two-Sentence Boehner Statement With Seven Grafs Of Obama-Related Hype

Disgusting. Memphis Reporter Mocks Mitt Romney’s Mormonism (Video)

Maher: Republicans Like Casey Anthony Verdict 

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Tells NBC There will Never Be Peace With Israel,
Brian Williams Airs Islamic Jew-Hating Propaganda With No Comment

AP Can’t Bring Itself To Mention Stimulus Or Obama In Unemployment Story

MSNBC: Leaning Left For 15 Long Years – A Year-By-Year Video Retrospective

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