Must Know Headlines


Why Is The Obama Administration Lobbying For
The Early Release Of A Convicted Terrorist?

Arizona Launches Website To Raise Money For Border Fence

President Bachmann’ Promises To Build Border Fence

 New Terror Report Warns Of Insider Threat To Utilities
DHS Bulletin: “[Muslim] Extremists Have Obtained Insider Positions”

Flaws Undercut US Efforts Abroad Aimed At Stopping
Terrorists From Crossing Int’l Borders, Says GAO

Because Of  The Obama Administration’s Weakness, The Iranian Regime Thinks They Can Win

VIDEO: Project Veritas Investigates The Carolinas – Medicaid Part II


Barack Hussein Obama

Ten Oil Rigs Have Exited The Gulf Of Mexico
Since President Obama’s Moratorium Went Into Effect

 Obama Poised To Win Budget Battle And Slash Defense

Obama On Lack Of “Change” He Promised: The “Vast Majority” Know It’s Bush’s Fault

Recovery Stalled After Obamacare Passed

Thanks To Regressive Obama ‘Mission Complete’: Shuttle Era Ends

Obama Delaying Job Creation

Government Spending

Mike Lee (R): Greedy Politicians Don’t Want Balanced Budget

Obama Vows To Veto GOP Balanced Budget Bill

Balanced Budget Amendment Would
‘Make it Virtually Impossible To Raise (Tax) Revenue’

We Cannot Sustain This Spending

The Gang of Six Disaster: The Worst Plan So Far

Obama Is Willing To Risk Default Rather Than Pass Up A Chance To Enact Tax Hikes

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews Lies About Ronald Reagan As Way To Smear ‘Terrorist’ Republicans

MSNBC’s Bashir Touts Murdoch’s Power As Reason For
Why Government Must Regulate Media Ownership

Contessa Brewer Argues With Republican: “Do You Have A Degree In Economics?”
Yes, Ma’am I Do, Highest Honors

Liberals Media Launch Christian Witch Trials

Senile Jane Fonda: “I Have Never Done Anything To Hurt My Country”


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