Must Know Headlines


Gov’t Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap

This CFL Bulb Almost Burned My House Down!

Uniformed Mexican Soldiers Cross Into South Texas Without Authorization

What We Don’t Know About History Can Hurt Us

Pay No Taxes GE Bases X-Ray Unit In…… China


Operation Fast and Furious

Obama DOJ Gave Cartel Enough Guns To Arm A Marine Regiment

Former ATF Official Admits Bureau Allowed Guns Into Mexico

Barack Hussein Obama

Message To Qaddafi: Stay, But Behave Yourself

Obama On Recession: ‘Less Money Coming In, So We Had To ‘Spend Even More’

Demagoguery Is Not Leadership, Mr. President

Obamacare, A Death Panel For Jobs

White House Accuses Fox News Reporter Of Pushing Republican Talking Points


Open Borders Dem. Rep. Luis Gutierrez Arrested
During Pro-Amnesty Protest Outside White House

School Officials: Alabama Law On
Reporting Illegal Students is ‘Impractical’

Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist And Moron

Why Democrats Hate A  Balanced Budget Amendment

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Talker’s Blames Norwegian Terrorist Attack On Right Wing Anti Obama Rhetoric
While Calling Bush A Sociopath & GOP Murders

 After Obama’s Big Flop – Lib Media Claims Americans Are Crashing DC
With Calls For Higher Taxes …Rubbish – They Were GOP Callers!

Media Fails To Report On Castro Regime’s Brutal Oppression

NPR Calls Obama’s Attack On Republicans An “Accomplishment” For Latino Voters

Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons: ‘Media Should Be There To Support (Obama)’

CBS Promotes Taxing ‘Fattening, Non-Nutritious’ Food

New York Times Convicts Spencer Of Guilt For Norway Murders

CNN’s Piers Morgan Rails Against Republicans For Not ‘Compromising,’
Slaps Anti-Tax Hike Stand As ‘Crazy’

Freedman Parrots Liberal Anti-Gun Senator’s Press Release

The New York Times Finds Its Poster Boy For Hate


Two Florida Imams Charged With Funneling $50,000 To Pakistani Taliban

Rep. King: More Than 40 U.S. Nationals Have Gone To Somalia To Join Jihad

Indicted Al-Shabaab Recruiter Continues Jihad On Facebook


Premature Twin Baby Survives After Doctors Suggested Abortion

Pakistan’s Double Cross

U.S. Report: Russia Tied To Embassy Blast In Georgia



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