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A Black Democrat’s Ignorance On Display: NAACP Member Attacks Tea Party And Black Conservatives





By Tyrone R.

Don’t fall for the illusion that the NAACP represents “all” black people, it doesn’t. If you are black and not liberal, you don’t matter, and actually you are seen as a “traitor” to black people. If you aren’t “down” with progressive “group think”, you aren’t down period. I’ve heard the lies and smears told by black democrats about the Tea Party being racists over the last two years. Of course the evidence has yet to materialize to validate their claims. Andrew Breitbart put up one hundred thousand dollars for liberals to provide the evidence, and no one to this day has come forward with evidence. Progressives/Democrats/Liberals are the walking, breathing talking definition of ignorance by example. Here is a black Democrat member of the NAACP in South Central Los Angeles telling a reporter his thoughts on the Tea Party and black conservatives.


Tyrone is a Conservative and blogs at Wake Up Black America.

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1 Expose July 29, 2011 at 8:48 am

REPUBLICANS freed the slaves and passed all civil right’s legislation! Black Democrats are still slaves to the Democrat Party. Democrats were the slave holders!!!!!!!!!!!! And they still are. In other news: Black unemployment is higher than ever under Obama.

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