Must Know Headlines


Obama Sues Alabama Over Immigration Law

Following Joe Biden’s Lead… Al Sharpton Calls The Tea Party 
A “Monster” That Will “Destroy You” (Video)

WH Adviser Sperling: ‘Super Committee’ Might Tap Wealthy

Sen. Menendez: Congress Held Hostage By “Tea Party Tyrants”

Chart Of  The Week: Federal Spending Per Household Is Skyrocketing

D.C. Tops Nation In Drug, Alcohol Abuse 


$2.4 Trillion Would Be Largest Debt-Limit Increase In U.S. History

Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending

US Debt Limit Really Doesn’t Limit Debt

Vote Them Out: Boehner, McConnell Agree
To Let Obama Borrow Another $2.4 Trillion

50% Of Cuts Come From Military

AFP Statement On Debt Limit Deal:
Inadequate To Size Of Fiscal Challenge Our Country Faces

GOP Has Surrendered On Implementation Of Obama Care;
All Tax Increases For It Protected As Revenue

Barack Hussein Obama

How The Obamas (And The Guilty Left) Can Pay More Taxes

CEO Of Dreamworks Katzenberg Gives $2 Million To Pro-Obama Group

Within Months After Obama​ Became President, A Covert Operation Was Launched To
Allow Gun Sales To People With Ties To Mexican Drug Cartels

Democrat-Activist Media

Self Professed Communist Van Jones Goes On NPR To Promote His Anti-Tea Party Group

Adult Stem Cells Work Better, Mainstream Media Only Likes Embryonic Kind. Hmm.

CBS’s Cordes To Boehner: ‘How Can You Even Allow These
Soldiers To Wonder Whether They’re Going to Get Paid?’

 The NYT’s Andrea Elliott Strikes Again: The Truth About Shariah

Twice As Many Debt Ceiling Stories Focus On Obama As On All GOP Combined

ABC Sees Conservatives ‘Mounting An Unprecedented Assault On Environmental Regulations’

CNN Blames “Series Of Events” For Economy Being “Stuck In The Mud”

The NYT’s Andrea Elliott Strikes Again: The Truth About Shariah

Fort Hood Number 2

“He Was All Ready To Go”: Failed Jihadist Planned Bombing, Shooting
At Restaurant Popular With Fort Hood Soldiers

Muslim Soldier Constantly Proselytizing In A Way That Only Stirred Up Conflict (Video)


Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Training Center

Something Rotten in Norway; There’s More Than A Casual Link Between
The Utoya Youth Camp And Palestinian Terrorism



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