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Obama’s Tantrum Against S&P

‘Stunning Lack Of Knowledge’:
Geithner Slams S&P For Showing ‘Terrible Judgment’

U.S. Debt Crisis: Deal Wasn’t Enough

S&P Downgrade Assumes Bush Tax Cuts Cost U.S. Needed Revenue:
By Contrast, The Bush Tax Cuts Actually Generated Considerable Revenue

Thanks Barack… China Says Dollar Will Be Discarded As World’s Reserve Currency

Bitter Recriminations Fly Over U.S. Debt Downgrade

Estonia’s Rebound Through Fiscal Discipline: A Message For America?

Barack Hussein Obama

The Obama Downgrade

Obama Hits Two Fundraisers On Monday

Obama Calls For More Federal Money For Roads, Bridges And Airports To Create Jobs

Obama Sticking By Geithner

New Obamacare Violations Of Personal Liberty

Small Businesswoman’s Epic Rant Against Obama’s Disastrous Economic Policies


Gunwalker: Drug Enforcement Agency Admits Involvement

Hoyer Spent $17,945 In Tax Dollars In 2010 At ‘Corner Bakery’

Democrats New Spin: ‘The Tea Party Downgrade’ (VIDEO) 

Democrats Seek To Pin Credit Downgrade On Tea Party 

Former Obama Economic Adviser Romer Drops F-Bomb

Democrat-Activist Media

Hollywood Mogul Katzenberg—DREAMWORKS— Rails Against Tea Party’s ‘Extremism’

Richard Wolffe Flat Out Lies About Obama’s Eight Percent Unemployment Pledge

Soros-Funded Leftist Group MoveOn.Org Pushing New Dem Talking Point: “Tea Party Downgrade”

MRC’s Bozell On Hannity: Labeling Tea Party As ‘Terrorists’ Will ‘Backfire’ On Liberal Media

Cokie Roberts: The Constitution Is The Problem

White House, New York Times:
Don’t Fight Jihad, It Will Only Provoke More Jihad

Newsweek: Michele Bachmann Is “Queen Of Rage” (And A Caption Contest!)

The Conservative Crazy Eyes Cliche & Other Stupid Media Photo Tricks


Iraq To U.S.: Don’t Go

Dear Ground Zero Gamal  …………

NJ Governor Christie Hates Public Unions, But Loves Islamic Ones

Time Magazine Defames And Demonizes Counter-Jihadists

Former CIA Agent And Ron Paul Adviser Writes On Antisemitic Website
Attacking Counter-Jihadists

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