Must Know Headlines


Mexico Uncovers Tunnel Beneath US Border

Gunwalker: U.S. Attorney Won’t Grant Victim Status To Murdered Agent’s Family

There’s No Way To Find Common Ground With Dishonest Liberals

Lawsuit Details Depth Of Berkeley Jewish Student Harassment

Pakistan: “800 Women Were Victims Of ‘Honor Killings’ —
And 2,900 Women Reported Raped — Almost Eight A Day”

Gun Rights Require Eternal Vigilance  

Barack Hussein Obama

US Gives $100 Million To Hamas Controlled Gaza

WH Ramadan Dinner:  Obama Honored The Sacrifices
That Muslim Americans Made On 911

VIDEO: Obama’s Failures Too Evident For Media To Hide

Killing Jobs, Cost Won’t Stop Obama EPA

White House, EPA Ignore Small Business Admin’s
Report That New Coal Regulations Will Kill Jobs, Economy 


Democrat Hill Staffers Head To Maui On Taxpayers’ Dime
For Senate Indian Affairs Committee Field Hearing

Michelle Obama Spent 42 Days On Vacation This Past Year

Supercommittee Member Rep. Becerra (D) To Be Feted By Lobbyists At DC Fundraiser

Obama’s Pro-Union NLRB Refuses To Comply With House Subpoena,
Issa Calls Them A “Rogue Agency”

The Left Owns The Election Law Industry


Flashback: Pelosi On Obamacare’s Constitutionality: ‘Are You Serious?’

A  Stunning Victory For The Constitution Over Obamacare

Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional

ObamaCare Faces Death Panel Of Its Own

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s Lemon Asks Herman Cain If He ‘Stands A Chance’ With
‘Mostly-White Party In A Mostly-White State’ 

MSNBC On GOP Faith: Bachmann, Palin, Perry Use Religion Like Snake Oil Salesmen &
Racist Religious Right Wants Obama To Fail Because He Is Black

Romney’s ‘Corporations Are People’ Called A ‘Gaffe’ As Nets
Disguise Agenda Of Leftist Hecklers In Iowa


Flashback: Take The Kidney And Run – George Lopez Divorces
Wife After She Gives Him Life-Saving Organ

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