Must Know Headlines


Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Speak On Jobs ……….Next Month

You Know That $1 Million Luxury Bus Obama Is Campaigning In To Boost US Job Growth?
Turns Out The White House Had It Built In Canada

Wasted Stimulus

Angry White House Slams Perry For Fed Attack

Obamacare Is Going Down

If Obama’s Not Campaigning, Why is He Campaigning?

Obama: Tea-Party GOP Blocking U.S. Recovery

Obama’s Green Redistribution Policies A Bust In Seattle

FLASHBACK: In ’09,Obama Used  “Dark Cloud” Metaphor

GOP Establishment Defends Obama Against Rude Tea Party


Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Create Jobs

Buffett Should Put Up Or Shut Up

Big Labor Watch: “Open Season” On Verizon

ACLU Sues To Make Kansas Fund Abortions In Obamacare

Fast & Furious

Senator Blasts ATF’s Reported Promotion Of Supervisors In Ill-Fated Gun Operation

As Congressman Darrell Issa Chases Fast And Furious,
The New York Times Deploys Smoke Screen


Bloody Ramadan: More Than 100 Killed In Iraq So Far

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