Must Know Headlines


Obama Immediately Goes Golfing, 77th Outing Of His Presidency

Issa  Demands Front-Page NYT Retraction After ‘Error-Ridden’ ‘Hit Piece’

King Barack And Queen Michelle Fly Separate Jets To Martha’s Vineyard
Only Hours Apart, Taxpayers Stuck With The Bill

Neither Party Stands Against Illegal Immigration:  It’s Tea Time

Operation Fast And Furious Guns Found At 11 U.S. Crime Scenes

Stocks Plunge On Fears Of Another US Recession –
Something Obama Says Is Not Happening (Video)

Va. Produces $545 Million Budget Surplus

Putting America Back To Work — The Republican Way

Business Owners Speak On Struggles With ObamaCare, Regulations

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost Of A Car More Than $11,000

Obama Administration Grants De Facto Amnesty To Many Illegal Immigrants

Black Democrats Know Obama Takes Their Voters For Granted

Farmer Obama To Farmer:
Your Fears May Be Unfounded Regarding Government Regulation

Obama Made His Own Bad Luck On Jobs

Obama Outpaces Fundraising Activity Of Predecessors


 An Answer For Congresswoman Waters About Why Obama Doesn’t
Campaign In Black Neighborhoods

Exxon, U.S. Government Duel Over Huge Oil Find

Father, Son Arrested For Harassing Palin Family: Threatened To Rape Palin

Senator Worth $50 Million: We Got To Eliminate The Rich

Obama Administration Misrepresents Timing of Sanctions On Syria

Rick Perry

Why Shouldn’t Rick Perry’s Islamic Ties Be Vetted?

Rick Perry Supported Giving In-State Tuition To Illegals

Tea Party Leader: Perry Has Problems

Perry/Aga Khan Curriculum: “Shocking Example Of Islamic Propaganda
Forced Upon Unsuspecting Students Attending Texas Public Schools”


Jihadist Calls On US Muslims To Cut Off Letterman’s Tongue And Break His Neck

Jihadists Urged To Bomb Military Funerals As New Way To Bring Terror To America

Al Qaida Attack In Israel! Seven Dead, Terrorists Infiltrated From EGYPT

Al-Qaida, Other Terrorists Using American Archiving Site

Democrat-Activist Media

Tingles: “Democratic Party Is A Centrist Party. . . Not A Hard Socialist Party”

CBS News Covers Tracks After Pro-Obama Merchandise Store Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Media Conceal True Nature Of “Flash Mob” Racial Violence

Press Works To Debunk Texas Miracle

Rev Al Rips Ryan $15 Fundraiser, Forgets Obama Raked In $38,500/Head

 Jack Cafferty Gives Credence To Liberal Conspiracy Tying Bachmann, Perry
To Radical Christian Movement