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ACT NOW: Stop Obama Amnesty For Millions Of Illegal Aliens

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Gwen Ifill Includes Hateful Racialist Tim Wise On Panel

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Maxine Waters: ‘Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell’

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Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring Of Eric Holder’s Employment Section

Large Gaps In Nogales Border Fence

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Hangs With CEO Of MSNBC Parent Company

Obama Golfs For 78th Time Of Presidency

Undersecretary Nominee In State Dept. Returns To Revolving Door

Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty : How The President Continues
To Draw On The Teachings Of Saul Alinsky

Team Obama Deals The Race Card Against Perry

Democrat-Activist Media

AP, NPR Launch Absurd Attack On Republicans Over Payroll Tax

New York Times Op-Ed: Kids Threatened By . . . Capitalism

Thomas Friedman: ‘Way Too Soon To Tell if Media Blew It Vetting Obama The Candidate”

NY Times Disregards Facts In Piling On Israel, Hyping Egyptian-Israeli Tensions

Fareed Zakaria Pines For Parliamentary Government

Tweet Read On ‘Meet The Press’: ‘We’re Angry At Obama,
But We’re Not So Angry  That We Would Vote Republican’


Three Arrested On Capitol Grounds For Illegal Lemonade Stand

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