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Another Obama Record: U.S. Tumbles To 5th Place In Global Competitiveness

Teamsters’ Hoffa Made $300,000 In 2010

Hoffa Stands By ‘S.O.B.’ Remark Amid Tea Party Outcry

Palin Addresses Her Union Brothers And Sisters

Video Game Allows Players To Slaughter/Kill ‘Tea Party Zombies’

Daily Kos: 9/11 TV Specials Will Drive Right-Wingers To Murder

Barack Obama

Because $1.29 Trillion In Deficit Is Not Enough…
Obama To Propose $300 Billion In Spending To Jump-Start Jobs

Flashback: Obama Vowed To End Federal Probe Of Teamsters Corruption

How Obama Protects The Teamsters

Report: Obama Justice Department Let IEDs ‘Walk’ Into Mexico

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 7, 2011:
Honors Jimmie Johnson’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship @ 4:45

Obama’s Jobs Speech Will Be Just Another Campaign Attack On GOP

Republicans Remind Obama:
Democrats Are Blocking House-Passed Jobs Bills

Carney: Obama Won’t Apologize For Hoffa


Generational Wealth Redistribution: Dem Rep Brad Sherman Admits Extreme Estate Tax
Is Government Designed To Stop Families From Keeping Their Money

John Kerry’s (D) Personal Financial Holdings
Are Rife With Tax Dodges And Reek Of Hypocrisy

Sources: Obama Administration To Drop Troop Levels In Iraq To 3,000

Clinton People Once Again Stick Their Noses In Israeli Politics

Democrat-Activist Media

Biden’s ‘Barbarians’ Blast Barely A Media Blip

NBC’s Mitchell Should Resign Over Telling Gaddafi’s Lies, Part Two

NY Times Regurgitates Mahmoud Abbas’ Propaganda Lies

Caught In A Lie: MMfA’s Eric Boehlert Embarrassed On Twitter Again
*UPDATE: Silence On Union Coffin Protest


Under The Sharia, Afghan Women Set Themselves On Fire In Record Number

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