Obama Invites Amnesty Advocates As Guests To “Jobs” Speech


Obama is giving work permits to millions of ILLEGAL immigrants. More workers, less jobs. Let’s reward lawbreakers, that will teach them. Great idea Mr. President. Legalize then unionize.

by John Hill
Stand With Arizona

Obama’s choice of honored guests to sit in the First Lady’s Box (with wife Michelle) during his speech tonight speaks volumes about his comtempt for the rule of law on immigration – and for American workers.

Besides GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt – whose company paid no taxes last year thanks to “green jobs” boondoggles, and shipped thousands of jobs to China, Obama has invited 3 major league pimps for illegal alien amnesty. Let’s take a look:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Villaraigosa is a former member of the racist Mexican separatist group MEChA, which openly advocates for the “liberation of Aztlan” – the imagined land which would consist of a “re-conquered” (“reconquista”) American Southwest.

When a state councilman, Villaraigosa went to Mexico City to personally thank then-President Ernesto Zedillo in helping defeat Proposition 187, which would have banned welfare, healthcare and social services for illegal aliens in California.

More recently Villaraigosa created anger among his neighbors when he built a 6-foot wall around his mansion – despite a local ordinance that only permits a maximum height of 42 inches. This from a man who opposes a border fence of any height on our Southern border, and who launched a boycott against the state of Arizona for daring to enforce the law against illegal invaders.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

O’Malley is the latest hero for illegal aliens and the multitude of non-profits which use taxpayer moneys to push for amnesty laws. O’Malley has called illegal aliens the “New Americans” – an insult to legal immigrants and citizens. O’Malley also pushed through the unpopular “Maryland Dream Act” late on a Friday night, to provide illegal aliens with in-state tuition. Later, activists led a historic drive to reverse this law, and put it on the ballot for the voters to reject in 2012.

O’Malley has also steered millions in taxpayers dollars to Maryland’s version of La Raza: Casa de Maryland, which uses those funds to lobby for pro-illegal alien rules and legislation. Casa is notorious for street thug bullying against opponents and race-based threats against legislators to push them to support their agenda.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka

Trumpka – who is supposed to represent the American union worker – has instead worked to undermine those workers by spending millions to loby Congress in support of amnesty legislation such as the Federal DREAM Act, which woulde provide amnesty to more than 1.4 million illegal aliens. Trumpka is also in full support of Obama’s recent moves to halt deportations and issue work permits to illegals – which will hurt his own members by depressing wages nationwide, but increase his own power by creating new union workers from whom he can confiscate dues.

Trumpka also personally led protesters to Arizona after the passage of S.B. 1070 – a law which creates jobs for American workers by removing illegal aliens from work in Arizona – empowering Sheriffs like Joe Arpaio to liberate those jobs for legal workers to take (as seen in this video).

These choices are a slap in the face to American workers, and make a mockery of Obama’s commitment to “create jobs” for Americans. Remember his backdoor amnesty and work permits for 300,000 – and potentially millions of illegal aliens.

Remember this hypocrisy when you listen to Obama’s speech.

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