Must Know Headlines


Obama Instructs Media To Help Him Pass Jobs Bill:
“I Want You Guys To Pump This Up”

Yahoo’s Headline Implies GOP Debate Audience Wanted Uninsured To Die

GOP Probes Now-Bankrupt Solar Company That
Obama Gave $528 Million Taxpayer Dollars

Emails: Obama White House Monitored Huge Loan To Solyndra 

 Energy Secretary OKs $43 Million To Study Offshore Wind Power

The Let-Illegals-Drive-Without-A-License Bill

Napolitano, FBI Give Non-Answers To Questions Surrounding Operation Fast And Furious

Republican Bob Turner Wins New York Special Election

 Barack Obama

Another Obama Record!… Poverty Rate Soars To 18 Year High

Obama Phony Jobs Bill

Obama’s Spending Plan Will Cost Taxpayers $250,000 Per Job

Obama’s Jobs Bill Makes It Illegal To Discriminate Against Unemployed

 Obama’s Jobs Bill For Lawyers

The American Jobs Act Uses Word “Tax” 235 Times

Infrastructure Bank May Boost Size Of Obama Jobs Bill

Jobs Plan Paid For Exclusively By Tax Increases


Union Thugs Hurl Racist Slurs And Hang Stuffed Monkeys At Sugar Plant Protest

The Union Myth Of Representing ‘Working People’


Jury Gives Parents $4.5 Million Because They Missed Chance To Abort Disabled Son

Why Is Ron Paul Defending Al Qaeda? Time For Him To Retire

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