Must Know Headlines


Two Other “Green” Energy Firms That Received Stimulus Funding Went Bankrupt

GREEN CRIME: Obama Spent Nearly $19 Billion To Create Only 3,545 Green Jobs…
Or A Staggering $5 Million Per Job

Rep. Mo Brooks’ Surefire Jobs Plan For America: “Evict All Illegal Aliens” 

Gutierrez (D): ‘I Want To Thank’ Obama For Bypassing Congress
To Cancel Deportation Of Illegals

Save Our Constitutional Republic

Third N.C. Man Pleads Guilty In Jihad Plot

Detroit Underwear Bomb Jihadist Shouts “Jihad” In Court,
Demands To Be Judged By Qur’an Only

Obama’s Crony Socialism

Solyndra, General Motors And Wall Street: Obama Crony Socialism On Parade

Emails Show Solyndra Offered Obama Official Cushy Job With Company

Solyndra Investigation Heats Up

White House Pressured OMB To Approve Solyndra Loan Before Due Diligence Complete

GOP’s Poe: Solyndra Stimulus Payout ‘Old-Fashioned Chicago Cronyism’


Democrat Congresswoman: Americans Don’t Deserve To Keep All Of  Their Own Money

Michelle Obama Prodding Restaurants To Reduce Portion Size

Deep Corruption At The Obama Justice Department

DoJ Suit To Block AT&T Merger Blocks Consumers,
Workers & Competition Instead

GM, Chrysler Extend UAW Contracts After Talks Slow

 White House Dangerously Fickle About State Secrets

Barack Obama

New Presidential Watch Site Collects “Smears And Spin”

Another Back-Room Deal:
Obama’s Mortgage Refinancing “Stimulus” Plan

 Obama Targets Republicans For Blocking Dream Act

Obama To Tout Jobs Act At Company That Outsources

Obama: “If You Love Me, You Gotta Help Me Pass This Bill”

 Rapper Lil Wayne Calls Obama Critics Racist But Knocks President On Economy

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: Crony Capitalism On Steroids From GE To Solyndra

Hip Hop Artist Wyclef Jean Calls Palin…‘Rad’, ‘Shrewd’ & ‘Cool’

Democrat-Activist Media

 Liberal Radio Talks Of  Killing Rumsfeld,
‘Prehistoric Reptiles’ Of Tea Party

Media Silent On Poll Showing 74% Of Voters Think Economy Is Over-Regulated

Two Factual Errors In Same Wash. Post Paragraph,
Conveying Palestinian Spin And Myths

NBC Offers Scant Coverage Of Big Dem Loss in NY Special Election


Muslims In Malaysia: Outlaw Conversion To Christianity



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