Must Know Headlines


Report: Obama Admin Pressured General To Support
Democrat Donor’s Broadband Project

 GM Reaches Tentative Agreement With UAW To Add Union Jobs

Solyndra Scandal Ends Green Jobs Myth

House Republicans Pass Bill Blocking NLRB’s Action Against Boeing

 A Newly Created Government Agency Designed To Regulate The
American Economy With Little Oversight From Congress

Report: ACORN-Affiliated Group Gets $300,000 More In Taxpayer Money

September 17, 1787: Celebrating Constitution Day

The Daily Outrage: Why Not Just Give 60,000 Unemployed People $640k Each?

Barack Obama

Obama Predicts: His Plan Will Cost $235,263 Per Job

Obama: My Latest Plan Will Create 1.9 MILLION Jobs

Michael Bloomberg: You Have The Responsibility
As An American To Make Obama Successful

Pakistan Passes Obama’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Test—After Sentencing Christian To Death

UN Votes To Establish New Mission In Libya

Democrat-Activist Media

 Liberal Activist Physically Assaults GOP Lawmaker In Wisconsin, Media Silent

Chris Matthews: Republicans Are Ignorant And Hate Intellectuals

AP’s Sept. 16 Solyndra Story, Part 2: A Pathetic ‘Both Parties Were In On It’ Attempt

Williams Frets Plight Of Blacks Dismissed As Focus is Instead On ‘Tax Cuts For The Wealthy’

NPR Compares Obama To Jesus

Bill Maher Uses Texas HPV Vaccine Issue To Call Michele Bachmann Mentally Retarded

Obama’s Crony Capitalism

A Pattern Of Providing White House Support To
Favored Companies — At Taxpayer Risk — Is Emerging

LightSquared: Worse Than Solyndra

Obama Admin Reworked Solyndra Loan To Favor Donor

White House: Solyndra Exec’s Visit Was For Charitable Purposes

White House Trying To Blame Solyndra Scandal On Bush


NYC’s Muslim Cabbies Can Now Nix Racy Ads From Top Of Cars

Study: University Of Wisconsin Discriminates Against Whites And Asians


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