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Despite The Weak Economy – Obama Unveils $1.5 Trillion Tax Hike On America’s Top Earners

Chart Of  The Week: Total Tax Burden Is Rising  To Highest Level In History

 How To Stop Child-Tax Credit Fraud By Illegal Immigrants

Despite Solyndra, Energy Department Giving Out Loans Faster Than Before

Careful! Obama’s Has His Eye On You

California City Fines Couple For Holding Bible Study In Their Home

 Mike Lee’s Mission: Rescue The Constitution From Government

Barack Obama

Obama Spends $10.7 Mil To Train “Low Literacy” ILLEGAL Immigrants

Kaiser Family Foundation 2009 Grant To Michelle Obama’s ‘Urban Health Initiative’
Sparks More Solyndra ‘Crony Capitalism’ Questions

Obama Tears Up The Constitution: The Scope Of  His Lawless
Disregard Expands By The Day

Obama Schedule: UN & Fundraiser In NYC 

Watergate Times Three


Rahm On Solyndra: “I Don’t Actually Remember”

 Speaker At Progressive Rally Suggests Urinating On Republicans
As An Alternative To Pouring Beer on Them

The Spreading Green Jobs Scam

 Europeans Mock Treasury Secretary Geithner, Showing Spend-aholics
Shouldn’t Give Advice To Spend-aholics

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Ignores Abbas/Hamas Electricity Scam

Oliver Stone’s Filmmaker Son Supports A Nuclear Iran

CBS’s Nancy Giles Decries ‘Bloodlust’ Of GOP Debate Crowd

CNN’s AM Hosts ’08 Obama Supporter To Discuss Boehner’s Jobs Plan —
But Had No Conservative Expert On For Obama’s Plan


The Face Of Evil: Palestinian Baby-Killer Smiles During Sentencing

Islamic Sharia Law Court Opens In Belgium

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