Must Know Headlines


DOJ Refuses Judiciary Committee’s Request For Kagan-Health Care Documents;
Holder Then Testifies He Was Unaware Of Request

How The #Occupy Movement Will End

America Will Continue To Decline Unless The GOP Establishment
Embraces Conservative Ideology

Surprise, Surprise: Yet Another Part Of Obamacare
Increases Premiums And Kills Jobs


As A Victim’s Family Speaks, 38 Congressmen Demand Eric Holder’s Resignation

Solyndra Emails Claim Biden Team ‘About Had An Orgasm’ About Energy Loans To Firm

ALOHA! Obama Hitting Hawaii

Another DOE Loan Scandal: Are We Bailing Out Spain’s Solar Collapse?

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay Government Unions To Lobby Congress

Planned Parenthood Charges Dropped As Sebelius Destroyed Records

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Cheer ‘Big Victory’ For Unions In Ohio,
Ignore Rejection Of ObamaCare Mandate

Bill Press: ‘There’s No Difference’ Between Allegations
Against Cain, Child-Abusing Penn State Coach

NBC News’ Martin Bashir: Cain Is A ‘Dirty Old Man’

Media Attempt To Cover Up Obama Comments On Israel

Obama & Democrat Backed Occcupiers

More Anti-Semitism At Occupy Wall St.: Protester Calls Jewish Man ‘Dumb Motherfu**er’


Occupy Wall Street: “I Don’t Need No F*cking Job! We Can Grow
Our Own F*cking Food, Shoot Our Own F*cking Animals”

Occupy Portland Protester Arrested For Molotov Cocktail
Attack On Portland World Trade Center

#OccupyDenver Elects Dog As Leader

Herman Cain

Witness: Sharon Bialek Hugged Herman Cain During Tea Party Meeting A Month Ago

Will Someone Tell Us What Herman Cain Did?

Cain Accuser Filed Similar Complaint At Next Job

Investigator: Herman Cain Innocent Of Sexual Advances

Networks Hit Cain With 117 Stories; ABC:
Accusers Seek ‘Safety In Numbers’ From Cain

The Left’s Special Hatred Of Herman Cain


Pastor Convicted For Leaving Islam Because “Everyone Is A Muslim”

Howard Stern Slams Hollywood Hypocrisy On Ratner-Gate