Must Know Headlines


Thanksgiving Stocks At Lowest Level Since The Depression

Obama’s Problematic New Nominee For Top Medicare/Medicaid Post

Popular New York Restaurant May Close Doors
Because Of Excessive Union Demands

Supercommittee Failed, And Spending Is Still The Problem

National Organization Of Woman Exploits NBC’s Humiliation Of Bachmann
To Trash The Right, Rush Limbaugh

Barack Obama

Obama Plays Golf  For The 30th Time This Year,
88th Golf Outing Of His Presidency

Obama Declares Cold War With China

Obamacare Awarded Grants To Now-Defunct Embryonic Research

Obama Reaffirms, Celebrates Killing Small Business

Socialist Obama Discounting Obama Gear On Black Friday




UC-Davis Occupy Protester Admits They Provoked Police In Pepper-Spray Incident

More Evidence That The Protesters Were Warned About Pepper Spray

Man Arrested For Facebook Comment Threatening Gov. Haley’s Life

Occupy Black Friday Protesters Call Walmart Shoppers “CUM-sumer Whores” (Video)

Occupy Harrisburg Invites Terrorist Bill Ayers To Speak

Occupy Organizers In Indianapolis Recruit The Homeless To Keep Protests Going 

Occupy LA Demonstrators Proclaimed Intersection “Our Street,”
SEIU Bringing Hundreds Of People To Protests

NYC Occupiers Hold “Emotional” Press Conference To Demand City Reimburse
Them For “People’s Library” Destroyed During Zuccotti Park Clearing

Annoying Occupiers At Macy’s 

Occupy Brain Dead College Students

Democrat-Activist Media

WaPo’s Chris Ma Dies

Al Sharpton ‘Grateful’ For Occupy Wall Street On Thanksgiving

Chris Matthews Admits ‘National Media Leans A Little To The Left’

Bachmann Accepts NBC’s Apology, Says There’s Bias

Frank Rich: Obama’s Just Like JFK Because JFK Was Killed With Hate


Cairo Rally: One Day We’ll Kill All Jews

Egypt: Tourism Tanks; Hotel Manager Says
“We’re Deeply Afraid Of The Islamic Groups At The Moment”


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