Must Know Headlines


 Bolton: America Should Never Be In A Fair Fight, We Should Always Dominate

Brooklyn: 3 Cars Torched In Hasidic Neighborhood & Swastikas Drawn On Building

 Climategate Scientists DID Collude With Government Officials To
Hide Research That Didn’t Fit Their Apocalyptic Global Warming

 Super Failure: No Spending Cuts, And The Debt Keeps Rising

 Support Pamela Geller, Get Death Threats

Dem Senator Asks HHS to Review Obama Admin’s $443 Million No-Bid Vaccine Contract

Barack Obama

Obama Plays Golf For The 30th Time This Year,
88th Golf Outing Of His Presidency

Obama And family Take In Basketball Game, Chat With Bill Murray

Let’s Move! President Obama Stuffs The Pie Hole With A Hot Dog

Obama Admin Wants Egyptian Elections To Be Free Of What?

IT WAS ALL A STUNT… #Occupy Loons Play Kissie-Kissie With Obama After Heckling Him


Occupy San Diego Goons Invade Wal-Mart – Leave 75 Carts Full Of Merchandise (Video)

Occupy Oakland Thugs Block Apple Store Entrance

Occupy Oakland’s Gay Porn Studio Tent

The First Amendment DOES NOT Protect #OccupyWallStreet

Occupy Movement’s Price Tag Tops $20 Million
Much Higher Than The $13 Million That Media Reported

Anti-Capitalist Occupy Wall Street Hopes To Raise Millions For Movement With Album

Democrat-Activist Media

Rather Blasts Corporate-Owned Media, Praises Occupy Movement

Hysterical: Melissa Harris-Perry: Pilgrims Were Illegal Immigrants, Indians 99 Percenters

Mainstream Media Turn Blind Eye To Dark Side Of Tahrir Square

CBS Highlights ‘Agonizing’ Plight Of Illegal Immigrants In Alabama

The Mob And Media War On Police

 MSNBC Proclaims: Taxes Too Low In America


Getting Bad Advice From Liberal  Billionaires


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