Must Know Headlines


Virginia Tech Fights $55,000 Fine Over Response To Massacre
After Obama Administration Hands Out Penalty

Iran May Target American Bases In Germany

Obama Pal & Former Union Chief Andy Stern Praises Crony Communism

ILLEGAL Immigration

County’s Protest Against Federal Immigration Law Turns Criminal Aliens Loose

California Considers State-Level Amnesty For Illegals

Fast & Furious

Holder Sweats As More Lies Uncovered By Feb. 3rd Memo

Issa Says Holder Ouster Is Up To White House

Herman Cain

Herman Cain: I Am Suspending My Presidential Campaign;
Will Endorse Candidate Who Is Not Obama

 Herman Cain Dropping Out Is A Sad Day For America

Cain: Allegations Are Not True, At Peace With My Wife, I Am Not Going Away

Barack Obama

 Obama Off To Hawaii For 17 Day Vacation

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Favoritism Will Lead To War In The Middle East

How Wealthy Are President Barack Obama And His Cabinet?

Obama: My Kids Will Succeed, Even If USA Doesn’t

Obama To Congress: We May Need To Stay In DC And Work Through The Holidays
— If You Need Me I’ll Be In Hawaii For 17 Days


Obama Admin Scolds Israel: Get Back To The
“Damn” Negotiating Table, Warns Against Attacking Iran

Obama: I‘ve Done More for Israel’s Security Than Any Other Administration

Obama Fundraiser And Ambassador Blames Israel For Anti-Semitism


Peaceful #Occupy Seattle Goons Beat Anti-Occupy Protester (Video)

Man Found Dead At Texas ‘Occupy’ Camp

The 94-Year-Old Frenchman Behind ‘Occupy’

 U.N. Envoy Drafting Official Request Demanding Obama Admin Explain
Why They’re Not Protecting The “Human Rights” Of Occupy Protesters

Democrat-Activist Media

Video Proof Of Media Lies About UC Davis Protests

Occupy The Huffington Post? So Snooty They Charge For Internships

MRC’s Bozell Calls Out Media For Whitewashing Barney Frank’s Role In Housing Crisis 

MSM Ignores Obama Admin’s Fast And Furious Friday Afternoon Docu-Dump


Buddy Roemer Is Still Running For President
And He Wants Huntsman To ‘Quit Bitching’

Palin Energizes Santorum WH Bid