Must Know Headlines


Socialist Obama: Limited Gov’t That Preserves Free Markets
‘Doesn’t Work. It Has Never Worked’

GOP Blocks Obama’s Anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion Nominee To Powerful Court

Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work: Medicare Spends Over $240 Million On Penis Pumps

RNC Strategy: Hey, Let’s Not Attack Obama Personally

UK: Girl Gang Who Kicked Woman In The Head While Yelling ‘Kill The White Slag’ Freed
After Judge Hears They Weren’t Used To Drinking Because They’re Muslims’


Obama Administration: Schools Should Consider Race Over Merit

 Obama Regime Covered Up Chevy Volt Dangers

Hoyer: Extending Federal Payments to Unemployed Will Reduce Unemployment

 DHS Drafts ‘Environmental Justice Strategy’

 Gunwalker’s Cousin: ‘Moneywalker’?

NAACP Calls On UN To Intervene In US Elections

Barack Obama

 Obama Pursues Poor, Not White Working Vote

Obama Opens ‘Class Warfare’ Speech By Greeting Texas But He’s In Kansas

Obama Schedule: Attends Another Fundraiser

Obama Unveils His Campaign Strategy For 2012:
Organizing The Takers Against The Makers

Obama Drafts The Tea Party Into The Occupy Wall Street Mob

Pro-Jihad Obama Opposes Sanctions, Urges US Lawmakers To Go Soft On Iran

Obama Sends Ambassador Ford Back To Syria,
Chooses Engagement With Hostile Regime Once Again


‘Trespassers’: Occupy Wall St. Protesters Begin Taking Over Foreclosed Homes

Communists Work On A New Improved, Pro-Obama ‘Occupy’ Movement

 Hundreds #Occupy US Congressional Offices: Want Taxes Increased 

McPherson Square Businesses Getting Fed Up With Occupy D.C.

Obama-Endorsed Occupiers Disrupt Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting

Occupy Protests Move To Foreclosed Homes

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Whitewash Barney Frank’s Scandalous Legacy

NBC Newsrooms Get Fresh Leftist Invasion: Broadcaster Teams With
‘Journalism’ Outfit Founded By Barack Obama Campaigners

Huffington Post Ignores Planned Parenthood’s Racist Roots

CBS Hypes Threat To ‘Abortion Rights’ From ‘Staunch’ Opponents

NY Times’ Editorial On Unemployment Unintentionally Condemns Liberalism

Prince George’s Co. Executive Johnson Sentenced To 7 Years;
Dem Party Affiliation Virtually Unmentioned

Former NYT White House Reporter Bruni:
Surging GOP Candidates ‘Are To Varying Degrees Yahoos’