Must Know Headlines


Champion Of The Middle Class Heads Out For Sushi

Eric Holder Blocks SC Voter ID, Texas Next

Media Forgets To Mention Judge Who Blocked
S. C. Immigration Law Is Obama Appointee

Central Control Caused USSR’s Collapse — And May Cause Ours

Congressman Trumps Holder’s Race Card,
Asks If Mexican Gun-Walking Deaths Were ‘Racially Motivated’

The Jews, The Communists, And The Democratic Party

Congress’ Deal On Payroll Tax Is Really A Social Security Raid, Not A Tax Cut

Barack Obama

Obama & Democrat Backed Occupiers

#Occupy DC Suffers From Growing Rat Infestation
– Hezbollah & Hamas Flags Being Flown At Camp

 Report: Occupy LA Cost Cash-Strapped City $2.3 Million

OWS’ Reaction To TIME’s ‘Person Of The Year’

Obama Administration

State Department ‘Panders’ To Islamists On Free Speech

Obama Admin Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood

Krauthammer Blasts Holder As One Of The Most Incompetent AGs In US History

Navy Biofuel Deal Is ‘Cost Prohibitive,’ ‘Another Solyndra,’

Democrat-Activist Media

Lib Media Digs Into Ron Paul’s Newsletters – Ignores Obama’ s
Trinity Church Bulletins Supporting Hamas & Hezbollah

Ed Schultz: The Tea Party House GOP Are Economy-Destroying ‘Sewer Rats’

Chris Matthews: Cut JFK Some Slack  On Marital Infidelities

The 24th Annual Awards For Year’s Worst Reporting


Iran, Venezuela, Cuba And The Cyber Threat