Must Know Headlines


Another $845 Mil For Fraud-Infested Welfare Program

Girl Scouts Book Refers Readers To Liberal Group Media Matters
 To Clear Up ‘Media Misinformation’

Hizballah Fundraising And Operations In The US And Latin America

“Santa Killer” Was Muslim Who Hated Daughter Dating A Non-Muslim

Iraq In Political Crisis Following U.S. Withdrawal

2012: A Year Of Media Savagery


New Obamacare Fee Coming To Health Insurance In 2012

Tweeting The Word Drill, Illegal Immigrant & More Could Mean Your Twitter Account
Is Read By U.S. Government Spies Who Attempt To Find Your Identity

To Guarantee Prices Are Right Get Government Out Of Way

Pelosi’s $10,000-A-Night Vacation

South Carolina And Voter ID: When Politics Drives Law Enforcement

Report: Members Of Congress Net Worth Has Tripled Over Last 25 Years,
Average U.S. Family Has Seen A Decrease

U.S. Government Has Spent $682,570 To Study ‘Shrimp On A Treadmill’

Barack Obama

Obama Plays His 90th Golf Game As President In Hawaii

Obama To Ask For $1.2 trillion Increase In Debt Ceiling

Obama Skips Christmas Statement But Issues Statement
For Fake Holiday Kwanzaa

White House’s Relations With Media Turn Nasty

The Year In Obama Scandals — And Scandal Deniers

Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Hamas Was Started By Israel

Ron Paul’s Destructive Foreign Policy

Ex-Aide Who Trashed Paul Denies Being ‘Fired,’
Says Others Can Back Up His Stories


Occupy Activists Plan To Disrupt Iowa Republican Caucuses

Cop Killer: “To My Friends Of OWS”

Report: Occupy Lansing Cost City $20,000


Iran Detains Sunday School Kids Celebrating Christmas

Abortion Clinic Manager On Trial For Assaulting Pro-Lifer


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