Must Know Headlines


 People For The American Way Identifies Photo Of
Westboro Baptist Church Demonstrators As Tea Party Members

Court Upholds Block On Oklahoma’s Sharia Ban

Afghan Soldier Starts Firing At American Soldiers Playing Volleyball, Killing One

Obama-Approved Occupiers Employ Alinsky’s Classic
“Inside/Outside” Strategy Against GOP

Obama Homeland Security Given Green Light To
Monitor American Journalists

Terror In Tampa- CAIR Denial

 Top 5 ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moments Of The Obama White House

Barack Obama

Obama Raises More From Bain Capital Than Romney

Obama’s Arrogant Authoritarianism

Obama Starts Constitutional Crisis, Installs New Radical Czars

U.S. Taxpayers Shelled Out $467,175 To Send Obama, Mooch And Billionaire
Oprah To Denmark In Failed Bid To Bring Olympics To Chicago

Obama: Republicans Want To Emulate China,
Roll Back Minimum Wage, Prevent Unionization

Unions Get Obamacare Waivers Bought With Political Cash

Obama Plays The Race Card (Again)

Democrat-Activist Media

Raging Leftist/Obama Supporter Harry Belafonte:
Barack Obama Doesn’t Need Another Term

Tavis & West Radio Show Edits Out Harry Belafonte
Criticism Of Obama On Satellite Re-Feed

AP, NPR Cover For Democrats On ObamaCare

Clooney Doesn’t Think Celebrities Should Campaign For Politicians (Except For Him)

CNN Prime Time Anchor To Breitbart: ‘You Are Notoriously Evil’


Holder’s Quiet Court Attack On Religious Freedom

 Planned Parenthood Can Open Michigan Abortion Biz In Detroit