Must Know Headlines


Barack Obama



Obama: EPA Regulations Create Jobs; ‘EPA Touches On The Lives
Of Every Single American Every Single Day’

EPA Penalizes Refiners For Failing to Use Fuel That ‘Does Not Exist’

 Sackett v. EPA : Supreme Court Will Decide Property Rights Case

EPA Gives Activists A New Tool To Pressure Power Plants, Oil Refineries

 Democrat-Activist Media

In ‘Right To Work’ Battle, Narrative Trumps Fact On NPR

Snapshot Of PolitFact’s Front-Page Priorities:
18 Republicans Fact-Checked, 1 Democrat

ABC Highlights Crank Shouting At Romney: ‘Will You Fire The Baby?’

Breitbart Responds To Piers Morgan Incident

 ABC’s Stephanopoulos Defends Contraception Question, Ties In ‘Bet’ With Diane Sawyer

NBC’s Today Turns 60: MRC Presents The Top 10 Most
Obnoxiously Liberal Today Show Quotes



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