Pitt & Jolie Swing By White House For Chat With Obama


These 2 celebrities make many millions off a Capitalist system and then support Socialists like Obama and Democrats for president. Thanks guys. And President Obama obviously didn’t have much on his schedule other than 3 fundraisers in Chicago. What a great president!

Fox News:

Actress and real-life humanitarian Angelina Jolie stopped by the White House Wednesday with her partner Brad Pitt for a chat with President Obama before his trip to Chicago

The Hollywood power couple were in town to screen Jolie’s movie about Bosnian war crimes at the National Holocaust Museum, and took a swing over to the White House to talk with the president about Jolie’s work on preventing mass atrocities and combating sexual violence against women.

Appearing Tuesday in Washington for her directorial debut of the film “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” Jolie gave mixed reviews on the president’s job performance.

“I think there are many, many things I think have gone in a wonderful direction and there are a few things I am disappointed in but I don’t feel like tonight is the night to clarify,” she told “The Daily Caller.” “But there are many wonderful things that have moved forward, and of course, some other things that are very frustrating.”

Blah, blah, blah.

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