Must Know Headlines


Monica Crowley: “Alinsky Dedicated His Book To Lucifer…
And Obama Taught Alinsky” (Video)

 CNN Bypasses Obama-Alinsky Ties; Links Alinsky To Tea Party

 Revealed: Michigan Union Manual Instructs Teachers
On How To Use Children As ‘Propaganda’



New U.S. Ambassador To Russia:
We Support ‘Universal Values’ Not ‘American Values’

Sebelius: ‘We Keep Going’ If Court Strikes Down Mandate To Have Insurance

Obama Super-PAC And SEIU Team Up To Make Six Figure
Ad Buy In Florida, Will Run Attack Ads On Romney


Democrat-Activist Media

Not News: Muslim Football Players In Dearborn Heights
Arrested for Assault On Christian Quarterback

One Occupier’s Sad Story Of Foreclosure Is A
Bit Less Sad Than Reported By The Press

Media Elite Think All Government Regulations Are Good

WaPo Ombudsman Admits That The Post Has A “Liberal Tilt,”
Calls For More Scrutiny Of Obama’s Record

ABC’s ‘GCB’ Paints Church Goers As Vindicative, Petty And Sexually Charged


The LAPD’s Continued Defense Of Illegal Immigrants

 Iranian Freedom Fighter: ‘Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy
Toward The Islamic Republic Is Wrong’