Must Know Headlines


The Plan To Kill Talk Radio Returns:
Group Advising WH Wants To Restore Controversial Policy

Obama & Democrat Backed Occupy Oakland Announces
New “Fuck The Police” Protest

Federal Workers Overpaid, And CBO Agrees

 Wag The Finger: Media’s Selective Memory
(More Obama Finger Pointing HERE)

Barack Obama

Obama Mortgage Plan Demonizes Banks In
Preparation For Run Against Romney

Latest Obama Deficit To Top $1 Trillion. Again.

Fast & Furious

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Family Files Lawsuit Against ATF

Memo: Officials Knew About ‘Furious’


White Democrat Rep. Moran: Allen West Not
Representative Of African American Community

……Compares West To African Hyena

Rep. Moran (D)

Dem Rep. Gwen Moore Says GOP Bill Preventing Welfare Recipients
From Using Benefits At Strip Clubs And Casinos Is Racist

MSNBC’s O’Donnell: ‘Whiter Than White’ Romney Tried To ‘Rewrite Ethnicity’

Once Again, MSNBC Dismisses Obama Criticism As Thinly Veiled Racism


Union Fight Begins In Arizona

Unions Use Intimidation Tactics To Get Members

Democrat-Activist Media

Democrats Clear DOJ Of Fast And Furious, Media Eats It Up

Not Very ‘Interesting’: ABC And CBS Morning Shows Ignore Obama Gaffe

CNN Sympathizes With Another DREAM Act Supporter

Matthews Calls The Washington Post The “Most Hawkish Paper In The Country”


Holder Should Require Cook County To Follow Immigration Law

Cry Baby & Socialist (Liberal) Musicians Demand
Conservative Politicians Stop The Music